Paparazzi Proposals

Hismeal and Gabriela’s Robbins Brothers Proposal In Los Angeles!

Hismael and Gabriela’s Proposal Was A Candid One! With the help of KTLA5, Hismael and Gabreilla’s proposal was full of smiles. KTLA5 was playing the role of Cupid in Los Angeles and helped another prince charming propose. With a frog in his throat, Hismael walked inside the restaurant where Gabriela was being interviewed by the […]

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Carl and Roxanne’s Bethesda Fountain Proposal Appeared On CBS Sunday Morning!

Carl and Roxanne’s Proposal in Central Park was more than memorable. Carl’s proposal to Roxanne was beautiful. A little bit of snow and frigid air wasn’t going to stop Carl from dropping down to one knee. Their love blossomed from the moment they met. These native New Yorkers soon became each other’s world. After a […]

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Steve and Jennifer’s Proposal In The Queen Mary In Los Angeles

Steve and Jennifer’s Proposal In The Queen Mary was beautifully thought out Many folks want a beautiful wedding. But others want a memorable engagement. We’re sure that Jennifer isn’t going to forget this wonderful day. Steve was able to put together a beautiful proposal and the end results shows how much Jennifer loved it. Thanks […]

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Phillip and Alexis’ Engagement in Los Angeles

Phillip and Alexis’ engagement makes you believe in love. Phillip kept a low profile and that’s how he was able to surprise Alexis. The beauty of proposals is that you never really know when they’re going to happen. The element of surprise is wonderful. KTLA5 was busy at work during Valentine’s Day week to help […]

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Devan and Kaitlin’s Fabulous Proposal In Los Angeles!

Devin and Kaitlin’s Proposal is one for the books. This couple is ready to get their forever started. KTLA5 sure had surprises up their sleeves for this couple. Devin and Kaitlin’s proposal was filled with joy thanks to the beautiful ring provided by Robbins Brothers. These fabulous photos were captured by Paparazzi Proposals. There were nothing […]

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Brandon and Kamillia’s Proposal In Los Angeles

Brandon and Kamillia’s Proposal In Los Angeles was full of excitement. What better way to propose to your significant other than during Valentine’s Day week? Brandon and Kamilla’s proposal was full of perfection. Along with KTLA5 and Paparazzi Proposals, Brandon was able to put together this amazing proposal for the whole world to see. Kamilla, […]

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Lawrence And His Fiancee’s Sparkling Times Square Proposal!

Lawrence and his fiancee planned a trip to New York City, which included a new stepping stone in their relationship. Times Square proposals are beyond beautiful. The way strangers join in and cheer for your love is truly remarkable. This lovely couple are from Toronto, Canada. Lawrence made sure that this trip would be memorable […]

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Scott and Ashley-Lynn’s Brooklyn Bridge Dazzling Proposal!

With The Manhattan Skyline In The Background, Scott and Ashley-Lynn’s Proposal Was Perfect The Brooklyn Bridge Park was the best spot for Scott to propose to Ashley-Lynn. The weather outside may be frightful but the love in the air of New York City is much stronger. Scott and Ashley-Lynn were both bundled up but little […]

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Justin and Rachele’s Golden Gate Bridge Proposal!

Justin and Rachele’s Bike Ride Was Far From Ordinary With the Golden Gate Bridge behind them, Justin and Rachele’s engagement took place in the perfect scenery. The element of surprise is never missing from a proposal. Justin and Rachele went out for a bike ride but little did Rachele know that this bike ride would be one […]

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Nathan and Kellie’s Proposal In The Coit Tower In San Francisco!

 Nathan and Kellie’s long distance relationship proves that their love is strong. Many might avoid the idea of having a long distance relationship with someone but Nathan and Kellie’s love beat the odds. When you’re willing to put the work into your relationship, the result is happiness and joy. Long distance relationships aren’t easy but […]

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Terry and Cristina’s Engagement In Central Park, New York!

Terry and Cristina, as described by Terry, “I hit the jackpot with her.” Terry and Cristina had met previously in college but it wasn’t till after they embarked on the journey of life after college that they soon discovered a life with one another. Timing is everything but when fate knocks at your door, things […]

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Thompson and Kareen’s Tampa Bay Proposal In Florida

Thompson and Kareen’s love story can be described by one word: a miracle. A love described as a miracle already shows how much she means to him. Thom wanted to make sure that Kareen had no clue what was headed their way. With the help of Paparazzi Proposal, we made their dreams come true. The […]

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