Phillip and Alexis’ Engagement in Los Angeles

Phillip and Alexis’ engagement makes you believe in love. Phillip kept a low profile and that’s how he was able to surprise Alexis. The beauty of proposals is that you never really know when they’re going to happen. The element of surprise is wonderful. KTLA5 was busy at work during Valentine’s Day week to help […]

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Kunal and Annie’s Breathtaking Proposal In La Jolla in San Diego!

Kunal and Annie’s proposal took our breath away and we don’t want it back. When proposals are thoroughly thought out the end result is speechless because of how beautiful it turned out. With the sun about to set, this instantly became the perfect scene for Kunal to profess his love for Annie. These two lovebirds […]

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Justin and Rachele’s Golden Gate Bridge Proposal!

Justin and Rachele’s Bike Ride Was Far From Ordinary With the Golden Gate Bridge behind them, Justin and Rachele’s engagement took place in the perfect scenery. The element of surprise is never missing from a proposal. Justin and Rachele went out for a bike ride but little did Rachele know that this bike ride would be one […]

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Terry and Cristina’s Engagement In Central Park, New York!

Terry and Cristina, as described by Terry, “I hit the jackpot with her.” Terry and Cristina had met previously in college but it wasn’t till after they embarked on the journey of life after college that they soon discovered a life with one another. Timing is everything but when fate knocks at your door, things […]

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Karmvir and Melinee’s spring gondola ride proposal, New York

Karmvir had planned a spring time gondola ride in Central Park for his romantic proposal! On a gorgeous day out, Melinee had no idea what was to come… Karmvir took Melinee on a romantic gondola boat ride in New York’s Central Park. As the spring sun shone down and they sailed the lake and watched […]

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Abe and Nellie’s Casino Night Proposal

Nellie was in for a big surprise when Abe asked her to meet him at Trump Soho for a work party… Little did she know Abe had secretly planned a casino night themed proposal with the help of Brilliant Event Planning. Abe and Nellie love to travel to Vegas together, so they combined these two […]

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