Photo Nathan and Kellie’s Proposal In The Coit Tower In San Francisco!

Nathan and Kellie’s Proposal In The Coit Tower In San Francisco!

 Nathan and Kellie’s long distance relationship proves that their love is strong.

Many might avoid the idea of having a long distance relationship with someone but Nathan and Kellie’s love beat the odds.

When you’re willing to put the work into your relationship, the result is happiness and joy. Long distance relationships aren’t easy but these two lovebirds made it work and now, they just have to decide which part of California will they be residing in to continue their story.

Nathan and Kellie met casually through mutual friends who had no intention of setting them up. Little did the friends know that they would somehow speak to one another and hit it off.  Kellie, who resides in Northern California and Nathan, who resides in Southern California, worked hard to keep their relationship strong despite the distance. Communication is the element in their relationship.

The state of California is huge and even so, Kellie mentioned that she had never been to San Francisco. In addition, she had never been to the Coit Tower. During a work trip, Nathan got in contact with the tower manager and shared his plans of proposing there. The staff was more than welcome and they also provided a private tour. Kellie had no idea what was going to happen. In addition, with the help of Paparazzi Proposals, our photographers were there to capture the moment. The images of her jumping up for joy will forever be on Nathan’s mind. The light that comes in through Coit Tower is the same light that’s shining on Nathan and Kellie’s future. Congratulations on your engagement!

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