Photo Thompson and Kareen’s Tampa Bay Proposal In Florida

Thompson and Kareen’s Tampa Bay Proposal In Florida

Thompson and Kareen’s love story can be described by one word: a miracle.

A love described as a miracle already shows how much she means to him. Thom wanted to make sure that Kareen had no clue what was headed their way. With the help of Paparazzi Proposal, we made their dreams come true.

The feeling of love, in a way, is a miracle. It fills you with many emotions and motivates in ways you never thought were possible. Thompson and Kareen’s proposal was beautifully thought out because she really had no idea. Their love gives testimony that high school sweethearts still exist. Thompson first laid his eyes on Kareen during their senior year of high school but he suddenly realized, “Hey, I’ve seen you somewhere before.” During his Christmas break, he opened his middle school yearbook and realized that Kareen had attended his middle school. He was determined to ask her out on a date.

Fueled by love and courage, Thompson approached Kareen when classes resumed. He asked her out on the date and on that date, is when this young love started and he realized she was the one. While exploring the little Greek town in Tampa Bay and with butterflies in their stomach, that’s where their love was born.

Fast forwarding to 5 years later and their love is stronger than ever. Thompson wanted to take their relationship to the next level. He discovered a plaque in Curtis Hixon Park that read, “Will you marry me?” This was the perfect place to drop on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage. Thompson made it seem like another date to completely throw her off. He took Kareen out on that wonderful day and little did she know that he had a romantic speech prepared. After a delicious meal and a wonderful day at their favorite museum, it was time to stroll through the park. With the warm Florida air caressing them, they walked to the plaque he stumbled upon. Once he said his romantic speech, he dropped to one knee and showed her the plaque. She was stunned that a plaque actually read this in the park. As best described by the couple, this day was breathtaking.

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