Photo Justin and Rachele’s Golden Gate Bridge Proposal!

Justin and Rachele’s Golden Gate Bridge Proposal!

Justin and Rachele’s Bike Ride Was Far From Ordinary

With the Golden Gate Bridge behind them, Justin and Rachele’s engagement took place in the perfect scenery.

The element of surprise is never missing from a proposal. Justin and Rachele went out for a bike ride but little did Rachele know that this bike ride would be one she would never forget. Justin took care of every single detail and wanted to make sure she would be surprised.

With the help of Paparazzi Proposals, Justin had a beautiful photo of the two in a frame along with flowers laid out. Once the two rode to the location, Rachele was in pure shock and full of questions. Justin had been preparing for this moment for a while and this is exactly what he had envisioned. Congratulations to this happy couple!

Click here to view the gorgeous photos of their engagement.

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