Carl and Roxanne’s Bethesda Fountain Proposal Appeared On CBS Sunday Morning!

Carl and Roxanne’s Proposal in Central Park was more than memorable.

Carl’s proposal to Roxanne was beautiful.

A little bit of snow and frigid air wasn’t going to stop Carl from dropping down to one knee. Their love blossomed from the moment they met. These native New Yorkers soon became each other’s world. After a beautiful five year relationship, Carl wanted Roxanne’s laugher to be apart of his life forever and took their relationship to the next level. Their first date was in Boat House that is in Central Park. Carl wanted to bring it back to that moment and that’s why he chose the Bethesda Fountain.

As they made their way through the park, Carl had an engagement ring from David So Diamonds in his pocket. Roxanne was guided by Carl to the talented 45 Riots band that sang for them. A bouquet of roses was waiting for her and before she knew it, Carl was slowly dropping down to one knee. Paparazzi Proposals was there to capture every single moment down to the wiping of her tear. When Carl thinks of Roxanne, the word forever comes to mind. That’s what he sees in her. His soon to be wife has lit up his life. This proposal warmed our hearts despite what the winter air is saying.

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