Brooklyn Bridge

New York Proposal Ideas: Brooklyn Bridge

If the Brooklyn Bridge is your idea of the perfect location or backdrop for a proposal, we have got the best Brooklyn Bridge proposal ideas for you.  The iconic bridge that the world associates with the City That Never Sleeps connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn; so why not make it the proposal spot that […]

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Brooklyn Bridge Proposal Photos | Kevin and Ashley

When Kevin was ready to propose to Ashley, he came to the experts at Paparazzi Proposal to photograph his Brooklyn Bridge proposal using one of our surprise proposal photographers. It was a busy day at the iconic Brooklyn Bridge but that didn’t stop Kevin’s plan to propose. Stopping at the perfect spot to propose with […]

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Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Proposals: Matthew and Alyson

What is not to love about Brooklyn Bridge engagement proposals? The Manhattan skyline, the river, and all the Brooklyn scenery make for a picture-perfect moment.  Matthew reached out to Paparazzi Proposals because he wanted to surprise Alyson with a moment neither of them would forget on the Brooklyn Bridge. We coordinated a romantic stroll, which […]

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Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Proposals: Chris and Catherine

One of our most stunning Brooklyn Bridge engagement proposals was this weekend with Chris, who reached out to us help capture the picture-perfect moment.  The surprise did not stop there, as the newly-engaged couple posed for a beautiful engagement portrait session after. We also had a chance to speak with Chris, who shared with us […]

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New York City Proposal Ideas – Brooklyn Bridge

John surprised Nicole with a romantic stroll in the shadows of the iconic and picturesque Brooklyn Bridge…and then surprised her yet again with his perfect proposal! As they slowed to a stop, with the bridge perfectly framed in the background, John dropped down on a knee and asked Nicole to marry him! The bridge provided […]

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Top 5 Places To Propose In New York City During The Spring!

When Springtime starts rolling around, nature reinvents itself and everything is blooming everywhere. There’s just something about that Spring air that makes you feel good. Move over Winter, it’s time for Spring to come, despite the snow that is falling at a constant. During the Springtime, the breeze is carried by love. Make sure that […]

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Scott and Ashley-Lynn’s Brooklyn Bridge Dazzling Proposal!

With The Manhattan Skyline In The Background, Scott and Ashley-Lynn’s Proposal Was Perfect The Brooklyn Bridge Park was the best spot for Scott to propose to Ashley-Lynn. The weather outside may be frightful but the love in the air of New York City is much stronger. Scott and Ashley-Lynn were both bundled up but little […]

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Surprise Engagement Photography – Times Square Proposal – Ji & Yuan

This is your classic New York City proposal… Ji contacted Paparazzi Proposals for help creating the perfect proposal and provide surprise engagement photography to secretly photograph every second of the moment they got engaged! So they planned for Ji to bring Yuan to Times Square where he had family and friends hidden amongst the crowd. […]

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Proposal Ideas New York – Brent & Leighann’s Rooftop Proposal

Brent was certain he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Leighann by his side, but he wanted to be sure to not only surprise her with his proposal, but make it unique and memorable as well. So when he knew they would be visiting New York City for a short trip from […]

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New York Proposal Photography – Joseph and Tara’s Bow Bridge Engagement

Joseph and Tara were former high school sweethearts. As school and careers pulled them in different directions, they found themselves living on opposite coasts and eventually losing touch. However, fate would dictate a much happier ending! Twenty years had passed, and Tara had since moved back to New Jersey. Once here, she decided she would […]

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Brooklyn Bridge Surprise Engagement Photography – Tim and Sydney

Tim first met Sydney in college. He was working a job after class as a barista, and noticed her as she came in to study. He was instantly smitten. He knew he had to meet her. So he devised a way to talk to her, mustered up the courage and walked over and spoke to […]

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