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Endless charm and stunning scenery make Boston an ideal location for a romantic proposal. Let us capture your perfect moment, from the heart of the Boston Common to a cruise of the harbor and beyond.

With every proposal we offer a consultation with ideas, maps and suggestions from our experts


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How it works

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The Plan

Take the stress out of planning your big moment by letting us do the work! Have a free consultation with one of our proposal experts to brainstorm proposal ideas and plans.  We’re right by your side to offer you our experience, local knowledge and advice, every step of the way.

The Build Up

You will receive maps, diagrams and directions for the exact location of your proposal and will be notified of where our photographer will be hiding out.  So when the day comes, all you have to do is arrive– and keep it a secret!

The Proposal

Sit back and relax as it all unfolds and we secretly capture every moment.  You’ll be able to relive your engagement time and again with hundreds of beautiful images available to view and download in an easily accessible online gallery.

  • 100+ images
  • High-res print-ready photos
  • 3-4 business day turnaround

Boston Proposal Packages

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Our most popular Boston Proposal packages

Proposal Photography Package

Our most popular option for planning and capturing your once-in-a-lifetime proposal!


Picturesque Park Proposal

Stroll through your favorite park, surprising your special someone when you come across a romantic picnic.


Flower + Candles Heart Proposal

Flower + Candles Heart Proposal: Set the scene with heart-shaped decor, roses, candles, and a discreet paparazzi photographer to capture your unforgettable moment.


Hotel Room Proposal Makeover 

Perfect surprise proposal at the convenience of your own place. You picked the location ( hotel room, your apartment, airbnb) and our experienced team will decorate the place.


Marry Me proposal

Make your proposal unforgettable with our stunning park setup featuring Marry Me letters, roses, candles, and a professional photographer to capture the moment.


Boston Proposal Picnic Package


Proposal Photography Package + Video

Video adds yet another way to capture that priceless reaction when you drop down to one knee!


Proposals in Boston

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Brians picture perfect Acorn Street proposal, Boston.

Proposal Photography Package + Video in Boston

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Manan Winter Boston Common Proposal

Proposal Photography Package in Boston

View this proposal

Rakin Beautiful Skyline Boston Proposal

Proposal Photography Package in Boston

View this proposal

Alex's Arnold Arboretum Boston Proposal

Proposal Photography Package in Boston

View this proposal

Boston Proposal Photography: Matthews Boston Commons Proposal

Picturesque Park Proposal in Boston

View this proposal

Boston Commons Proposal: Fotis and Sarah

Picturesque Park Proposal in Boston


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