Proposal Packages

Josh and Danielle’s Engagement

This couple’s classic romance led to an incredible proposal captured with surprise engagement photography!     How They Met: Josh and Danielle were destined to be together. The happy couple grew up just across the highway from each other in Plano, Texas, but first met each other halfway around the world in Madrid in August of […]

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Why Choose Surprise Engagement Photography

Why you should opt for the latest trend in engagement photography Elias had Paparazzi Proposals help him plan and capture this stunning sunset sail proposal in Miami!  See this couple’s full photo story. 1. It’s More Genuine Your wedding is the time for you to profess your love in front of family and friends. Your […]

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Robbins Brothers Exclusive

Get $100 photo printing voucher for your Paparazzi Proposal when you purchase your ring from a Robbins Brothers store! Selecting the perfect ring is a major part of pulling off the perfect proposal. As an engagement photography company, we see a lot of sparkle, but Robbins Brothers diamonds continue to dazzle time and again. Which is […]

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Los Angeles Proposal Ideas – Kyle’s Napa Valley Proposal

Kyle knew that on his tenth anniversary with childhood sweetheart Jessica, he wanted to ask her embark on the next ten years together—as husband and wife. A hopeless romantic, Kyle wanted their proposal to be a fairytale-perfect start to their happily ever after.  And no fairytale is complete without a castle!  So Kyle whisked Jessica […]

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New York City – Summer Proposal Ideas

You’ve met The One, and you know you’re ready to commit. You want to make your engagement special, but with so many beautiful memories that the two of you have already shared, it is hard to decide on which part of your relationship you want to emphasize with your marriage proposal. Fortunately, New York offers […]

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San Francisco Proposal Ideas – Styse’s Shoreside Proposal

Styse’s scenic San Francisco proposal was full of surprises! On a bright and sunny spring day, Styse took his special someone for a walk through the park.  The walk ended when the couple came across a picnic blanket, on which rested a dozen crimson roses.  As she took in the gorgeous surprise, a guitarist began […]

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NYC Proposal Ideas – Kevin’s Rooftop Proposal

Kevin brought his special someone to the roof of Hotel East Houston. With sweeping views of the backlit New York City skyline, including the iconic Empire State Building, Kevin dropped to one knee, and dazzled her with her dream ring. Surprised and overjoyed, she happily accepted—and our photographer was there to capture each joyful moment!  […]

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NYC Proposal Ideas – Colin and Irene’s Rooftop Apartment Proposal

Sometimes, it’s making ordinary moments extraordinary that make for the best proposals. Making a  routine into an unforgettable moment is the most incredible surprise you can give. That’s exactly what Colin chose to do in his stunning rooftop proposal to Irene. After work, the pair had a routine.  They would take time to unwind and […]

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NYC Proposal Ideas-Central Park Perfect Picnic

On a warm, sunny Friday afternoon, Mike took Christina for a stroll in Central Park. Wowed by the romance of the day, she was even more pleasantly surprised when they arrived at a gorgeous picnic, and he got down on bended knee and proposed.  She happily accepted! But the surprises didn’t stop there– Paparazzi Proposals […]

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NYC Proposal Ideas – Alex’s Rooftop Proposal

Alex surprised Margaret with a romantic rooftop date at New York’s stylish boutique Hotel East Houston, complete with champagne and a dozen crimson red roses. But that wasn’t the only surprise he had planned for the evening! As the couple took in the breathtaking views of the Lower East Side and beyond, Alex turned to […]

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Toronto Proposal Ideas–Allan Gardens Conservatory

Love is in the Toronto air! Paparazzi Proposals knows that love has no limits, and we are truly honored to be part of another beautiful same-sex proposal. Joseph proposed to James with the sun streaming through the newly blossoming trees of the Allan Gardens Conservatory.  Beaming with happiness, James accepted.  The two shared smiles and […]

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New York City Proposal Ideas – Brooklyn Bridge

John surprised Nicole with a romantic stroll in the shadows of the iconic and picturesque Brooklyn Bridge…and then surprised her yet again with his perfect proposal! As they slowed to a stop, with the bridge perfectly framed in the background, John dropped down on a knee and asked Nicole to marry him! The bridge provided […]

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