Photo Eduard’s Time Square Proposal, New York City

Eduard’s Time Square Proposal, New York City

Distracted by the sights and sounds of New York City’s iconic Times Square, she had no idea Eduard was about to propose!

How They Met:

They worked in different departments within the same hospital, yet somehow seemed to keep bumping into one another again and again. These brief encounters soon led to casual conversations, and the two slowly started to get to know each other over time. Before they knew it, both were in love!

The First Thing That Attracted Them To The Other:

He was instantly smitten with her smile and spontaneity. While she was quickly attracted to his sense of humor and his ability to put her at ease with his outgoing yet relaxed, fun-loving attitude. As he helped her navigate her way through nursing school, their bond strengthened and the two only grew closer together.

Why Did You Choose This Location To Propose?

Eduard admits it can be difficult to find ways to surprise her. So when they both had a few days off from work, he whisked her away to New York City for a romantic trip. Thrilled by their mini-vacation, and distracted by the hustle and bustle of Times Square, she never saw this moment coming!

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We loved being a part of this perfect proposal! Ready for us to help you plan and secretly photograph your own Times Square proposal in New York City? Contact us here to learn more!