Photo Robbins Brothers Exclusive

Robbins Brothers Exclusive

Get $100 photo printing voucher for your Paparazzi Proposal when you purchase your ring from a Robbins Brothers store!

Selecting the perfect ring is a major part of pulling off the perfect proposal. As an engagement photography company, we see a lot of sparkle, but Robbins Brothers diamonds continue to dazzle time and again. Which is why we have partnered with this leading jeweler to offer an exclusive deal!

Any future fiancé who purchases his or her engagement ring at one of Robbins Brothers’ store locations will get a $100 printing voucher! Check out a few of our favorite Robbins Brothers “Yes!” Moments, and get inspired with proposal ideas for when you’re ready to pop the question.

Fireworks in San Diego

When Anthony purchased his ring, he was ready to propose, but still working out the logistics.  So he reached out to Paparazzi Proposals for help planning and photographing his engagement.  He decided on a stunning shoreside 4th of July proposal, and the ring he selected nearly outshone the fireworks that night!

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Gondola Ride in Dallas

Francisco chose our gondola ride package for his romantic proposal.  When the time was just right, the gondolier slowed the boat to a stop.  Francisco knelt down on one knee, and presented Priscilla with another Robbins Brothers stunner!

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A Walk Down Memory Lane in Seattle

Paul and Gagan went on a walk, pausing at a picnic table to sit and chat.  But Paul had a surprise in mind!  When Gagan turned around, she saw chalkboard.  Written on it were memories and landmark dates of their relationship.  The last line had the date of that day, with the phrase “And then, she said….”  After wiping away tears of joy, Gagan wrote, “Yes!” And Paul placed a delicate rose gold ring on her finger.

Their surprise engagement

Paul - 42

Beach Surprise Engagement in Los Angeles

Kevin had planned to have our beautiful beach proposal package set up at Crystal Cove in California. He lead a blindfolded Kathreen down the path to the beach, removing it  once they got to the picnic blanket to reveal a gorgeous picnic spread and a sparkling ring!

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