Photo NYC Proposal Ideas – Kevin’s Rooftop Proposal

NYC Proposal Ideas – Kevin’s Rooftop Proposal

Kevin brought his special someone to the roof of Hotel East Houston. With sweeping views of the backlit New York City skyline, including the iconic Empire State Building, Kevin dropped to one knee, and dazzled her with her dream ring.

Surprised and overjoyed, she happily accepted—and our photographer was there to capture each joyful moment!  Now, the pair can share photos of their engagement to go along with the story of their amazing NYC proposal.

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A rooftop engagement is the perfect opportunity to create a private moment for you and your special someone. High above the hustle and bustle of the city, make your loved one’s heart soar by dropping to one knee in style.

Whether the two of you met and fell in love here, or the city just holds special meaning to you, a rooftop engagement is the best way to experience all of New York at once—from a bird’s eye view.

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Do you like romance, but not heights?  We’ve got you covered with some amazing outdoor proposal ideas ideal for the warmer weather:

  • A picnic proposal is another way to impress your special someone and create a memorable moment.  Meander through Central Park until you come across a pre-set spread, complete with a gingham blanket and a picnic basket with champagne and charcuterie.  As you take in the scenery together, surprise your special someone once more by presenting them with a gorgeous ring!
  •  Love grows in Brooklyn! Surprise your special someone by ending your walk with a view of Manhattan, and a view of your future together.  See some of the amazing Brooklyn Bridge proposals we have shot, here.
  • Take your future fiancée on a treasure hunt through the places in the city that have significant meaning to the two of you—and make new memories at the end of the hunt with an engagement!

And if you’re not in NYC, it’s not a problem.  We have locations all over the U.S. and beyond, and have photographed proposals in major cities nationwide. No matter where you’re located, we can be there to help you plan a dream engagement. When you’re ready for your big moment, we will have one of our sneaky snappers present to capture each magical part of your proposal.

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