Photo Proposal Ideas: Cute LoveBook Marriage Proposal

Proposal Ideas: Cute LoveBook Marriage Proposal

Some of the greatest romances of all time live within the pages of our favorite books. So when you propose, why not write your own?

That’s what TJ did in his creative Piedmont Park, Atlanta Georgia marriage proposal!  After popping the question and placing the stunning engagement ring on Julie’s finger, he gave her a beautiful, custom book full of promises he vowed to keep as her future husband! Her reaction to his proposal was already priceless, but when he gave her the added gift of their love story in book form, she broke into tears of joy again!

We’re all about love stories at Paparazzi Proposals.  After all, we help couples capture and share their proposal stories using our unique brand of surprise proposal photography. We thought the idea of popping the question with your own love story was thoughtful, creative and romantic, and that a LoveBook is the perfect, extra-thoughtful element to add on to any proposal.  Learn more about how you can incorporate a LoveBook into your surprise engagement, or read on for a bit of info from LoveBook on how it works!

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Adding Another Chapter to Your Love Story

The foundation of every strong relationship starts with a strong connection.

LoveBook marriage proposal

Watch Julie’s reaction to her LoveBook unfold in the couple’s full proposal slideshow!

Those connections are made up of little moments, ideas, dreams and experiences. LoveBook lets you express all those little reasons that make your relationship special. LoveBook lets you take this moment in time and commemorate it in your very own book. When you pop the question, what better way to set the stage than with a book listing all the reasons why you love them.

LoveBook marriage proposal

Photo courtesy of LoveBook

LoveBooks Speak Louder Than Words

We say “I love you” all the time. The one thing we don’t do as often, and probably should, is say WHY we love each other.

We say it in the morning before we go to work, throughout the day via text messages, we say it before we go to bed. It could be something as silly as, “I love staring at your butt when you put on your makeup,” or as deep as “I love that you have made me a better person.” All of these little things add up to a lot…pretty much everything that makes our relationship what it is. 

How It Works

The creation of a LoveBook is just as special as giving it.

You can create a book in minutes using LoveBook building system and pre-made pages or you can spend weeks customizing each and making it exactly what you want. The choice is up to you. In the end, the books are professionally printed, bound and shipped all over the world.

At LoveBook we’re the experts on what makes a relationship tick. We have provided a library of pages to help get you started. Each series of pre-made pages fall under multiple categories such as: Qualities, Physical Attributes, Intimate, Milestones and many more. Our suggestion is to start your book with the pages that apply to you, then edit each one to be more specific. For instance, a page that says: “I love watching TV with you.” Should be edited to say: “I love that we are both Game of Thrones fanatics.”

This is why LoveBook is unique. It’s let’s you choose how you feel at this moment!  

You’re also going to want to capture the next part of the story: the amazing reaction you get as your partner reads the words, “Will you marry me?” And looks up to see you waiting with a gorgeous engagement ring.

That’s where we come in.  Paparazzi Proposals specializes in taking the stress out of planning and capturing your marriage proposal, so all you have to do is arrive (and keep it a secret!)  Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our proposal experts, and brainstorm proposal ideas! We can’t wait to help you plan and capture your dream marriage proposal!