Peter and Amelia’s Buckingham Fountain, Chicago.

This proposal was simply perfect! A romantic stroll in the park by the beautiful Buckingham Fountain turned into the perfect day for Amelia! Peter had planned every detail of the proposal perfectly, with family members waiting to surprise the newly engaged couple afterwards this made for great pictures and a perfect proposal. You can view […]

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What is the ideal wedding proposal? Is bigger better or is just a simple romantic gesture enough?

What’s the perfect proposal? Do flash mobs and massive gestures say more or are the best proposals  just  romantic and well thought out. It seems everyday we are getting more and more glamorous and over the top proposals being posted to YouTube and on news channel.Is this trend the way forward or are we loosing […]

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5 Top tips when choosing a wedding photographer

John Salkowsky, owner of Silver Fox wedding photography has given us his top 5 tips to choosing the perfect wedding photographer. You’re engaged! It’s awesome, it’s wonderful, it’s fun…and it’s a LOT of work! Why? Because now you’ve got to plan your wedding! And among the most important things you need to do for the big day is […]

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Is the tradition of women proposing on the 29th of Feb sexist?

This February 29th all the single ladies have the chance to put a ring on him if they want. That is because every leap year in keeping with the feeling of nature being turned upside down, women are able to propose to their man. Known as ‘Ladies Privilege’, the tradition is shrouded in myth but […]

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Ernie and Sarah’s Chicago engagement which was featured on Windy City Live

Ernie and Sarah’s amazing Chicago riverfront engagement featured on Windy City Live! Ernie contacted us from one of our jewelers in the Chicago area Burdeen’s Jewelery. This spot was really special to Ernie and Sarah as they always come here after along day and walk the river front so it was the perfect location for him […]

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Top 5 Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations.

Susan Stuart from Valerie Wilson Travel gives her top 5 Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations. Now that you are engaged why don’t you take your dream honeymoon to the tropical shores of a beautiful Caribbean Island? What could be more wonderful with your first step off the plane than to feel the warm breeze on your face, […]

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Say hello to Susan Stuart our own personal travel agent

We are extremely lucky to have Susan Stuart from Valerie Wilson Travel as our own personal travel agent. She can take care of all your travel needs and make the perfect honeymoon a breeze for you and your new wife… over to you Susan! Hi, my name is Susan Stuart. I am a travel agent […]

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Ladies! Get proposing on the 29th of February – it’s a tradition you know…

OK, so we know it’s Valentine’s Day in February and that there will be thousands of guys out there ready to propose on the most romantic day of the year, but as 2012 is a leap year, the old tradition of ‘St Bridget’s complaint’ comes into play for you ladies. The leap year engagement tradition […]

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Remember to capture that moment on Valentine’s Day

Whether you are actually going to pop the question on valentines Day, or you have planned a fantastic day or night out for your loved one then it would make a great deal of sense to take advantage of our paparazzi services and capture those moments and make them truly unforgettable. If you have Valentine’s […]

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Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Advice

Valentines Day is great day to pop that all important question to your loved one, so it’s important to plan one of the most romantic moments of your life on the most romantic day. Planning a proposal on Valentine’s Day can be tricky, especially if you want a good reservation at a good restaurant or […]

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