Photo Is the tradition of women proposing on the 29th of Feb sexist?

Is the tradition of women proposing on the 29th of Feb sexist?

This February 29th all the single ladies have the chance to put a ring on him if they want.

That is because every leap year in keeping with the feeling of nature being turned upside down, women are able to propose to their man.

Known as ‘Ladies Privilege’, the tradition is shrouded in myth but is believed to hark back to 5th century Ireland.
But in today’s society with stay-at-home dad’s, is it a stretch to begin accepting women’s rights to pop the question to their loved ones, is it the man’s role to propose to his girlfriend? Is this tradition reinforcing the traditional role of men and could it now be viewed as being sexist?

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Why can’t women propose and why is it not socially acceptable?

These days it is not uncommon for a woman to earn more than her man, but the tradition of picking the ring, the time and the place still remains men’s territory.

Even celebrities are beginning to get in on the act, asking why men should be the only ones with the power to propose.
Jersey Shore’s pocket package Snooki has told the world’s media that if her boyfriend Jionni LaValle doesn’t propose within the next two years, then she will.

 The origin of ladies privilege dates back to the Emerald Isle and St Patrick.

The snake-slayer was approached by sweet St Bridget with a complaint:

“Why do women always have to wait until the man asks the question,” was the observation made by St Bridget.
Acknowledging the never ending battle women fight to get men to pull their fingers out, Ireland’s patron saint granted Bridget and her fellow sisters the special privilege of being able to pop the question every seven years.
Undeterred and unimpressed, Bridget whittled Patrick down to every four years and leap years specifically.
Unexpectedly for Catholic Patrick, upon the deal being struck Bridget got down on one knee and proposed to him.
Refusing Bridget, the saint kissed her instead and gave her a beautiful silk gown as consolation.

Fast forward 1500 odd years of gender politics and it is clear that traditional attitudes still exist.

Would the proposal involve a ring and would the girl get down on a bended knee. Traditionally the boyfriend asks his girlfriends father permission before he pops the question–does that mean that the girlfriend asks her boyfriends dad, or mum, these questions would need to be thought out by the woman before dropping to one knee.
Even in this age of feminism and equal rights in the workplace, women still expect men to be men and it seems part of that role is to be the one who asks the most important question she will ever be asked.

As with everything to do with ladies privilege and February 29th it is the rarity that sets it apart from the other 366 days of that year.

But for girls out there who mysteriously can’t get hold of their man for a date or even a dinner and a movie this February 29th you will know why: he is scared, very scared.