Flash Mob

Tony’s spectacular flash mob theatre proposal, VA

Katherine got the surprise of her life during this theatre performance! Little did she know that Tony had organized a very special proposal… On arriving at the Granby Theatre, Katherine thought they were simply seeing a show after a dinner with friends. Salsa dancers entertained them before the music changed and the whole tone of […]

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Marcial and Brynn’s Marching Band proposal on the deck of the Intrepid.

This proposal had it all! Marching bands, amazing back drops, family and the whole proposal was captured on The Today Show! Paparazzi Proposals teamed up with The Proposal Planner and NBC’s The Today Show to bring the most amazing proposal EVER! Marcial contacted us wanting to create the biggest proposal ever seen! With the amazing […]

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What is the ideal wedding proposal? Is bigger better or is just a simple romantic gesture enough?

What’s the perfect proposal? Do flash mobs and massive gestures say more or are the best proposals  just  romantic and well thought out. It seems everyday we are getting more and more glamorous and over the top proposals being posted to YouTube and on news channel.Is this trend the way forward or are we loosing […]

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Pap The Questions Best of 2011!

We have put together the best pictures and video of 2011. We had a fantastic year and have had the privilege of capturing some amazing proposals all over America, and from people that have traveled across the world to get engaged. Some of our clients have come from Hong Kong, Ireland, Germany and the UK […]

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