Photo Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Advice

Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Advice

Valentines Day is great day to pop that all important question to your loved one, so it’s important to plan one of the most romantic moments of your life on the most romantic day.

Planning a proposal on Valentine’s Day can be tricky, especially if you want a good reservation at a good restaurant or tickets to the theater. The organization alone can put you off. We’ve tried to put together a list of things that will help your Valentine’s day proposal go smoothly.

Book restaurants, theaters and other venues early

With restaurants and venues knowing its the busiest time of the year bookings go fast! Make a plan, stick to it and book now so its all in place and you can focus on the attention to details to guarantee a perfectly romantic proposal. We can help with everything from bookings to reservations so if you want to be sitting in a restaurant which Brad Pitt was last spotted contact us today and we can make that booking for you.

Get your Valentine’s Day transport sorted

Whether your proposing in Chicago, Philadelphia or New York its going to cold outside! Don’t stand around freezing trying to get a taxi with everyone else. Have a town car ready to pick you up and drop you off. Nothing beats having a warm car waiting for you when you leave a restaurant and go onto a club. Need help with this, let us take care of your travel needs and we can incorporate it into your package.

Think of the most romantic moments from your relationship to talk about

You may have a rubbish day at the office but your girlfriend or wife is not going to want to hear about it! Guys we need to make this whole day about the love of your life ( and I am not talking sport or your favorite team!) ask her about her day, make a point of listening! If that feels too weird and awkward talk about something you want to plan for the future, a holiday or a trip away that she may have always wanted.

Buy a gift and a ‘mystery’ card

You may already be married and so the proposal part has already been done. This does not give you a “get of jail free card”! You need to work twice as hard I am afraid! Go to the jeweler that you brought the ring from, there are always good additions you can get for a ring, whether its a necklace or some earings you should always have something to give her on this special day. Also treat it like your first date! Take the time to make those extra efforts with flowers and attention to detail, you will reap the rewards later on if your lucky!

Valentine’s Day in New York

Romance does not have to be about expensive dinners and 24 red roses. The ballet is a great way to share not only a romantic time but also memories to go with it. Check out the shows at the Lincoln Centre for Romeo and Juliet, finish the evening with a glass of champagne and your Valentines will be a success.

Valentine’s Day in Chicago

Even though its freezing outside nothing is more romantic than wrapping up warm and snuggling up on the Ferris Wheel at the Navy Piers. It could be the start of a romantic day with a stroll and hot chocolate and then go onto dinner.

Valentines Day in Philadelphia

Maybe you want to do something different and make a change form the typical restaurant style romance. Why not check out one of Philadelphia’s best Jazz spots for an evening of music, food and wine.

What ever you have planned or are even thinking of planning, START NOW! why chance it later on, get it sorted now and your worry is done, you can relax and start look at the finer details to make it a perfect romantic Valentines.