Photo Say hello to Susan Stuart our own personal travel agent

Say hello to Susan Stuart our own personal travel agent

We are extremely lucky to have Susan Stuart from Valerie Wilson Travel as our own personal travel agent. She can take care of all your travel needs and make the perfect honeymoon a breeze for you and your new wife… over to you Susan!

Hi, my name is Susan Stuart. I am a travel agent at Valerie Wilson Travel, Inc, located in NYC on Park Avenue. We have been in business 30 years and are proud members of Virtuoso, a high end consortium enabling me to VIP and upgrade my honeymoon clients worldwide.

Having 18 years of experience with high end leisure clientele, enables me to provide the highest level of service.

My traveling is vast, along with my research. My knowledge is impeccable, enabling me to arrange all kinds of honeymoons..

My honeymoon repertoire not only includes the  classic honeymoon, but I have also planned numerous  group and destination weddings. With every honeymoon, everything will be arranged from start to finish.

You will be updated on my blog with the hottest honeymoon destinations, along with all kinds of advice to make your journey seamless…

Please call or email me. We can start to plan a honeymoon you will cherish for a lifetime. Let the memories begin.

Susan Stuart

Valerie Wilson Travel, Inc
212 592 1304-direct line