Photo Abe and Nellie’s Casino Night Proposal

Abe and Nellie’s Casino Night Proposal

Nellie was in for a big surprise when Abe asked her to meet him at Trump Soho for a work party…

Little did she know Abe had secretly planned a casino night themed proposal with the help of Brilliant Event Planning.

Abe and Nellie love to travel to Vegas together, so they combined these two ideas to create their concept. When Abe and Nellie arrived to the Trump Soho, they proceeded to the craps table to join in on the fun. However, it was a custom craps table that read “Will you Marry Me?”. On the table was a deck of playing cards, each with a reason why Abe loves Nellie! Abe proposed, Nellie said yes, and the look on her face was priceless! We then shot confetti into the air! At that point, their closest friends and family ran into the room to congratulate them and start the party!

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