New York surprise engagement photography

NYC Surprise Proposal Photography: Fall Picnic Proposal

Cecil’s autumn Central Park picnic proposal to Tina was just about as cute as it gets! Tina didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary, since the Park was one of their favorite date spots.  After a leisurely stroll to Bow Bridge, they stumbled across a gorgeous picnic spread where Cecil popped the question! For a comprehensive […]

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New York Proposal Ideas: Marc’s Perfect Picnic Proposal

Marc put together an entire day full of New York surprises for the woman of his dreams! He led Angie from one incredible gesture to the next, starting with a gorgeous skyline helicopter ride to see the greatest city in the world from a bird’s eye view, followed by a trip to the top of the […]

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Javier’s Central Park NYC Marriage Proposal

He told her they were going on a stroll through Central Park, when they came across a blanket set up with a gorgeous charcuterie and a bottle of bubbly.  As she took in the thoughtful arrangement, he dropped to one knee and presented her with a stunning ring.  She could barely contain her joy as […]

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