Photo New York Proposal Ideas: Marc’s Perfect Picnic Proposal

New York Proposal Ideas: Marc’s Perfect Picnic Proposal

Marc put together an entire day full of New York surprises for the woman of his dreams!

He led Angie from one incredible gesture to the next, starting with a gorgeous skyline helicopter ride to see the greatest city in the world from a bird’s eye view, followed by a trip to the top of the Trade Center.

After running back to where they were staying at the Essex Hotel, he told her he had a special lunch planned.  They headed outside, where he told her to pick a horse and buggy for a ride to where he had a Perfect Picnic arranged to have set up for them, and the ultimate surprise in store: his romantic marriage proposal!

How They Met:

Marc and his fiancé met on and after chatting for a while online, they made plans to meet up in person and see if the initial chemistry translated into something more!

Something told Marc that Angie was special, and he wanted to meet with her right away, but he was leaving for a trip to Cuba. So he asked her out to dinner in advance and as soon as he got back the couple met up for the first time on February 5th, a date Marc has memorized!

Conversation was easy over dinner. They had a similar sense of humor and outlook on life, and the back and forth banter they had online was even better than expected. Marc loved that Angie was so interested in hearing about his trip and looking through the photos he took while he was away, and she was intrigued by his passion for life. After their date, they sat in his car by the beach in their home city of Boca Raton, Florida, watching the waves roll in and feeling relaxed and happy in each other’s company. It was the evening of his 50th birthday, and when the clock struck midnight he got the best gift he could have asked for— a kiss from his future wife!

How They Knew

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Marc knew that he had met someone truly unique.

He had never been this intrigued by someone he just met, and he wasted no time— asking her out on a second date while they were still on their first.

The couple says they knew almost immediately that they had found The One. Their initial feelings only grew as they spent more time together!

The Proposal

Marc wanted to propose, and an invitation to New Jersey for a Bar Mitzvah presented the perfect opportunity.

He planned for a few extra days for them to stay in New York, and set about coming up with his full day, absolutely incredible proposal plan.

After giving Angie a romantic card in the horse and carriage promising he would make all her dreams come true, the pair stepped out onto Cherry Hill in Central Park. When they walked up to the picnic, she was surprised by the thoughtful gesture and stood in the picture-perfect spot for our photographer to capture her reaction— Marc knew it was the perfect moment, and popped the question with a gorgeous engagement ring from Diamonds East International in Boca Raton, Florida.

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Her answer: a resounding, “Yes!” Through laughter and tears of joy.

The pair paused for a champagne toast before Marc introduced our photographer, who joined them for a gorgeous post-proposal portrait session.

And to top off an incredible proposal day, “We had 8th row center seats to Jersey Boys!” Said Marc, adding, “and I got her a great take-home token from the show: her own real live Jersey Boy, me!”

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