Photo NYC Surprise Proposal Photography: Fall Picnic Proposal

NYC Surprise Proposal Photography: Fall Picnic Proposal

Cecil’s autumn Central Park picnic proposal to Tina was just about as cute as it gets!

Tina didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary, since the Park was one of their favorite date spots.  After a leisurely stroll to Bow Bridge, they stumbled across a gorgeous picnic spread where Cecil popped the question!

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We caught up with Tina and Cecil to hear the story behind this beautiful fall marriage proposal!

How did you two meet?

New York City Proposal Photography

Cecil: It all started in July 2014 with the Facebook message  “Are you a Star Wars fan?”

We had many mutual friends and her Yoda cover photo stuck out to me! I was immediately interested. We were both originally from New York but living in different parts of California at the time. After months of messaging we finally met in New York while visiting family for the Christmas holiday. We decided to meet for coffee at Starbucks.

It was love at first sight for me.  I found myself completely enticed by her as the hour flew by too quickly. I was initially attracted to Tina’s beauty and gorgeous smile. What I really liked about her was that she was a programmer and I knew we would have a lot in common.

When did you know that they were the one?

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Her sweet personality, her natural loving and caring instincts had always made me feel special. I knew she was the one the first time she wanted to make dinner for me on May 22nd 2015. We stayed in her apartment and had a dinner and painting night. I had never really painted before but it turned out to be more fun than I thought. It was a simple, fun, laid back Friday night that made me realize I could see myself spending the rest of my life with this woman.


I knew right away he was very special to me. Our values and goals aligned perfectly.  There hasn’t been a single day he hasn’t FaceTimed with me! A couple of hours of Facetime always felt like a couple of minutes for me. He always made me feel attractive, special, and I noticed that I started wearing a big smile on my face for no apparent reason.

  I knew I couldn’t pass on this one!

Why did you choose to propose where you did?

New York City Proposal Photography

We both enjoy the outdoors and had come a couple times to the park on dates so I knew Central Park would be a great place to propose. I had suggestions from friends but I liked the picnic proposal idea better after seeing Paparazzi Proposals’ picnic proposal package on the website, and knew it was the perfect option!

Of course, our photographer discreetly snapped away as Cecil dropped to one knee and presented her with a stunning engagement ring from Vincente Jewelers!  After the initial shock wore off, Cecil introduced our photographer, who joined them for an incredible engagement shoot!

New York City Fall Proposal Photography

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