Marcial and Brynn’s Marching Band proposal on the deck of the Intrepid.

This proposal had it all! Marching bands, amazing back drops, family and the whole proposal was captured on The Today Show!

Paparazzi Proposals teamed up with The Proposal Planner and NBC’s The Today Show to bring the most amazing proposal EVER!

Marcial contacted us wanting to create the biggest proposal ever seen! With the amazing help from The Proposal Planner we hatched a plan.

Having met at Naval College this had to be a part of the proposal and her love of music and dancing, The Proposal Planner organized a  marching band from Brewster High School in Long Island to finish this crazy proposal off.

With a fake tour set up for the couple on the deck of Intrepid the scene was set for the perfect proposal. Marcial excused himself to use the restroom and thats when the marching band started to march down the deck performing their routine. With the dancers holding signs that spelled “Marry Me?” Marcial appeared in a tux with a huge bunch of roses and dropped to bended knee. With cameras rolling and our team of paparazzi photographers snapping away the family appeared from the lift hold a massive sign with “Mission Accomplished” on it to finish off an amazing proposal!

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