Photo Brooklyn Bridge Surprise Engagement Photography – Tim and Sydney

Brooklyn Bridge Surprise Engagement Photography – Tim and Sydney

Tim first met Sydney in college. He was working a job after class as a barista, and noticed her as she came in to study. He was instantly smitten. He knew he had to meet her.

So he devised a way to talk to her, mustered up the courage and walked over and spoke to her. The conversation was brief, but fate would arrange for their paths to meet again.

The next day, as he now sat in the same coffee shop studying, she appeared once again. Feeling even bolder, and certain the universe had somehow arranged for them to meet again, he bravely asked for her number. As they say, the rest is history. Their relationship quickly blossomed, and as they grew closer, Tim knew Sydney was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Tim knew New York held a special place in her heart. So while she was visiting a friend there, he planned a secret trip to not only surprise…but to propose to her as well! Knowing she would be shocked to see him let alone propose, he hired Paparazzi Proposals for some surprise engagement photography. They were able to discreetly photograph the entire evening paparazzi-style, including the big moment he dropped to his knee and popped the question!

You can see a full gallery of images from their Brooklyn Bridge Park proposal here.

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