Photo Top 5 Places To Propose In New York City During The Spring!

Top 5 Places To Propose In New York City During The Spring!

When Springtime starts rolling around, nature reinvents itself and everything is blooming everywhere. There’s just something about that Spring air that makes you feel good.

Move over Winter, it’s time for Spring to come, despite the snow that is falling at a constant.

During the Springtime, the breeze is carried by love. Make sure that you pay attention because kisses and passion in the air might cast a spell on you.

By now you purchased a gorgeous engagement ring and you’re ready to propose to your other half. Now the planning of how you’re going to present this ring to them is what’s exciting. It’s all about that look and the possible tears that follow it. Get ready because we’re here to help you. Looking to propose in New York City? We gathered them up and we have the top 5 places to propose in New York City.

The Brooklyn Bridge

For over 100 years, the Brooklyn Bridge has dazzled tourists and native New Yorkers. If you haven’t walked the bridge we’re not too sure what you’re waiting for but this is the perfect opportunity to walk and ask for your significant other’s hand in marriage. With the beautiful Manhattan skyline, what’s to not love about this idea?

Take a look at some of our previous Brooklyn Bridge proposals.

Andre & Mikaela’s Brooklyn Bridge Engagement

Will and Manuela’s Brooklyn Bridge Proposal

Central Park

Another popular destination in New York City is Central Park. The magical thing about Central Park is that even during harsh weather, it still looks beautiful. Imagine a Spring proposal in Central Park. Flowers blooming everywhere, the grass is greener than ever, and your loved one by your side. We know you mentally visualized this idea. Your proposal will be even more perfect with a Perfect Picnic. We’ve partnered up with the folks over at Perfect Picnic NYC to bring you this amazing offer that your sweetheart will definitely love. By combining with Perfect Picnic and Paparazzi Proposals, we have an exclusive package that we’ve discounted for you. You can casually stroll through Central Park and then stumble upon a picnic that was made just for you. Click here to book this Perfect Picnic. With so many spots to choose from in Central Park, it’ll be tough but with Paparazzi Proposals by your side, we’ll help you pin point the perfect location for your proposal.

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Allen and Chantal Central Park proposal

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Across the Hudson River lies an area that has been increasingly popular in the past years. Hoboken is only but a train ride away and we know what you’re thinking, “Jersey? No.” But we insist in telling you why Hoboken is a perfect spot to propose. The amount of restaurants in the area is astonishing. You literally have plenty of options to choose from. Then a walk to the park with the New York City skyline in the background? What’s to not love about this idea? We’ll go ahead and sign you up.

Don’t neglect New Jersey and take a look at these previous Hoboken proposals.

Michael and Adrienne’s Hoboken proposal.

Engagement Photography – Hoboken, New Jersey – Dan & Taryn  

Washington Square Park

A nice gem that’s sometimes hard to find and yet so apparent is Washington Square Park. We understand if you are so overwhelmed with all the choices. Washington Square Park is in the middle of the NYU area and there’s literally something going on in all corners of that park. You’ll see a mime in one end and then someone juggling in the other. So much excitement and this is exactly what you want in your engagement.

Don’t let the ever changing New York City weather sway you. Check out these Washington Square Park proposals.

New York Surprise Engagement Photography – Mitchell & Bryann’s Proposal

Proposal Photography – Washington Square Park Proposal, New York – Jon & Amanda

The High Line

The city is ever changing. What was once a White Castle might’ve turned into a building or what was once a building might’ve turned into a park. That’s what happened with The High Line. The High Line is park that is on top of buildings in the Meat Packing District part of Manhattan. During the 1930s, a train ran through there and delivered supplies. The project to develop this area began in 2002 and since then, this park has been a hit. It’s one of the best ideas the city came up with. What isn’t there to love about The High Line?

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