Photo NYC Rooftop Proposal – Surprise Engagement Photography shoot: Alex & Kathy

NYC Rooftop Proposal – Surprise Engagement Photography shoot: Alex & Kathy

Wanting to surprise Kathy while in town from Dallas, Alex had coordinated a special stop while they were visiting New York City.

With the help of her brother and a few friends, he brought her to what she thought was a simple rooftop reunion dinner with some old friends. Unbeknownst to her, that was only half the plan!

Once they reached the roof,  a pathway lined with rose petals immediately grabbed her attention. As they made their way towards the end of the path, she noticed a small table lined with some more flowers and champagne. As she wondered where her friends may be and why this odd little table was sitting there, she noticed one last item…a diamond engagement ring! As Alex slowly dropped to a knee and asked her to marry him, their friends and family, who were patiently waiting behind the scenes, began to emerge and congratulate the two. The epic celebration had begun!

Knowing he wanted to capture this once in a lifetime moment, Alex hired Paparazzi Proposals for some surprise engagement photography. Kathy had no idea we snapped photographs of the entire event! Both were thrilled they now had genuine photographs of the actual moment he proposed and they became an engaged couple!

You can see the pictures of Alex’s heartwarming NYC proposal by clicking HERE. Not planning on leaving the Lone Star state to pop the question like Alex? NO problem! We have snappers in every city in America ready to help you plan and capture your perfect proposal. You can take a peek at one we shot in Dallas earlier this year HERE.

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