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Paparazzi Proposals

Leave it to the Proposal Experts

As America's only national proposal photography company, we offer proposal planning to take the stress out of your engagement, and a team of highly trained photographers that leave no moment uncaptured.

How it works

The Plan

Have a free consultation with one of our proposal experts to brainstorm proposal ideas and plans.  We’re right by your side to offer you our experience, local knowledge and advice, every step of the way.

The Build Up

You will receive maps, diagrams and directions for the exact location of your proposal and will be notified of where our photographer will be hiding out.  So when the day comes, all you have to do is arrive– and keep it a secret!

The Proposal

Sit back and relax as it all unfolds and we secretly capture every moment.  You’ll be able to relive your engagement time and again with hundreds of beautiful images available to view and download in an easily accessible online gallery.

  • 100+ images
  • High-res print-ready photos
  • 3-4 business day turnaround



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Anand and Alisha’s Gorgeous Sunset Proposal

Proposal Photography Package in Los Angeles

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Anesti and Joanna’s Napa Vineyard Proposal

Breathtaking Vineyard Proposal in San Francisco

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Nick's Gorgeous Beach Proposal

Proposal Photography Package in San Diego

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Sean and Rachel’s Sunset Cliff Proposal

Proposal Photography Package + Rent-a-Paparazzi in San Diego

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Michael and Summer's Houmas House Proposal

Proposal Photography Package in New Orleans

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Adrian's NYC Sailboat Marriage Proposal

Stunning Statue of Liberty Boat Cruise in New York

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Kelly and Holly's Park Proposal

Picturesque Park Proposal in Boston

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Elias' Sunset Sailboat Proposal

Proposal Photography Package in Miami

With every proposal we offer a consultation with ideas, maps and suggestions from our experts


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