same sex marriage

Same-Sex Proposal Photography

No one understands the importance of surprise engagement photography better than Paparazzi Proposals. Helping couples capture that perfect moment is what we are all about.  And with nationwide legalization of same-sex unions, we are excited to start making history with all couples, in all 50 states and beyond! Over the past few years, we have been invited […]

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Washington, D.C. Surprise Engagement Photography – Julie & Amy’s Proposal

Paparazzi Proposals was thrilled to be part of another gorgeous same-sex engagement this weekend– this time, at the iconic Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. Julie chose the memorial for her stunning proposal because she knew Amy would appreciate the simple elegance of the landmark. “D.C. is a special area to me and I want it […]

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Matt and Jake’s beautiful Bow Bridge Paparazzi Proposal, New York

This proposal was just beautiful and Paparazzi Proposals was so honored to be apart of it. Jake contacted Paparazzi Proposals as he wanted to propose to his boyfriend and wanted the moment captured on camera! Matt was working in NYC for a while and so Jake decided to come and visit and propose to Matt. […]

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