Photo Washington, D.C. Surprise Engagement Photography – Julie & Amy’s Proposal

Washington, D.C. Surprise Engagement Photography – Julie & Amy’s Proposal

Paparazzi Proposals was thrilled to be part of another gorgeous same-sex engagement this weekend– this time, at the iconic Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Julie chose the memorial for her stunning proposal because she knew Amy would appreciate the simple elegance of the landmark.

“D.C. is a special area to me and I want it to be for both of us,” said Julie.  “We live in Boston, so this way we can have a special trip to go on to celebrate our engagement spot.”

The pair met through Julie’s high school roommate and friend, who worked with Amy and thought the pair would make an excellent match.

For this glowing couple, the sparks actually weren’t there in the beginning.

“We didn’t feel the right kind of chemistry,” said Julie.  “In fact, we were each a bit bored!”

Both underwhelmed after their first meeting, they were convinced to go on a second date by their mutual friend.  They realized they truly enjoyed each other’s company when they realized they could make each other laugh.  The second date ignited the spark of a lasting love that brought the pair to the memorial steps last weekend, where Paparazzi Proposals had a hidden photographer to capture every beautiful moment.

The couple purchased a pair of stunning engagement rings–Amy’s from Long’s Jewelers, and Julie’s from Fairbanks and Perry Goldsmith’s.

See more of their gorgeous engagement photos, here.

Paparazzi Proposals is a big believer in love, and we pride ourselves on making everyone’s magic moment memorable through surprise engagement photography.  We had the privilege of photographing Joseph and James’ Toronto proposal earlier this month, and were proud to shoot Ashley and Rachel’s romantic Connecticut lighthouse proposal a few summers ago. Paparazzi Proposals is honored to have been invited to photograph many same-sex engagements, and we are excited to photograph many more in the near future!

Not in D.C.? Not a problem.  We have photographers everywhere, ready to help you plan and capture your big moment.

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