7 Inspired Engagement Ideas for New York City

So, you’ve decided on New York City for your proposal, but you’re not quite sure what part is right for you? Here are 7 Inspired Engagement Ideas for New York City.

You’ve found the person you want to spend your life with. You’ve got the ring. Now all you need is an unforgettable engagement idea in New York City.

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This list of foolproof engagement ideas in New York City will take away the stress you’re feeling and give your partner the proposal of their dreams. 

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1. Ask for Their Hand at Legendary Times Square

Times Square is a place full of energy — it’s the spot where countless people have gathered over the years on New Year’s Eve to watch the ball drop. As a place known for celebrating fresh beginnings, what better way is there to kick off your new life together than a Times Square proposal?

Whether you propose through a billboard there, or simply drop down on one knee amid the iconic buildings, you’re sure to be creating a moment you’ll both remember the rest of your lives.

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Photo 7 Inspired Engagement Ideas for New York City

2. Make Your Dreams Come True on Broadway

Making it big on Broadway has been the wildest dream of many actors. And while you may not be the star of a stage there, with a Broadway proposal, you’ll both have stars in your eyes.

There are a variety of ways to pull off an epic Broadway proposal. Paparazzi Proposals can help you come up with a plan.

Photo 7 Inspired Engagement Ideas for New York City

 3. Celebrate Your Love Story at the Empire State Building

Couples everywhere remember the Empire State Building because of the romantic Cary Grant movie, An Affair to Remember. Your own tale of love deserves a spot like this, where countless couples have gotten engaged in the decades since the movie hit the silver screen.

Photo 7 Inspired Engagement Ideas for New York City

4. Pop the Question on a Hudson River Cruise

If you and your partner enjoy being on the water and want to get a better view of New York City, you can opt for a Hudson River cruise for your big proposal. You’ll board a ship, and you can be on the water for an hour’s ride, which will give you plenty of time for your magic moment.

Photo 7 Inspired Engagement Ideas for New York City

5. Take a Stroll Across Brooklyn Bridge

Bridges are a great, symbolic place to ask for someone’s hand in marriage. Your marriage will bridge your two lives together. Plus, with its stunning backdrop, the bridge can be an incredibly romantic place if you time it when the crowds aren’t as vast.

If you want a stunning night time picture, it’s safe to do so — there are a lot of people walking on the bridge until late at night. And one of Paparazzi Proposals’ hidden photographers will blend into the crowd, never giving up the surprise.

Photo 7 Inspired Engagement Ideas for New York City

6. An Intimate Rooftop Proposal

If your hotel or apartment building has a nice rooftop open to residents, you can plan a special set-up that will take your love’s breath away.

A nicely set table holding a bucket of ice and some champagne, along with a few strings of twinkle lights is all it takes to create a magical moment.

Photo 7 Inspired Engagement Ideas for New York City

7. By the Rockefeller Square’s Christmas Tree

If you’ll be proposing in the winter, you might want to do it in a setting that is well-known for its holiday splendor. Rockefeller Square’s Christmas tree is a big tourist attraction that has been featured in many television shows and movies.

It would be hard to pull off such a glamorous and heartwarming scene by yourself, so why not let the others do the hard part for you? All you’ll have to do is have your photographer nearby, show up, and do your thing convincing the love of your life to marry you.

Photo 7 Inspired Engagement Ideas for New York City

New York City Is Full of Memorable Proposal Spots

If you want more ideas, contact Paparazzi Proposals, which has been seen on The Today Show, Shark Tank, and other top media outlets. We’re full of proposal concepts and proposal packages that will make your special moment live up to the hype. We’ll share suggestions from our expert crew, as well as ideas and maps to help you make the perfect proposal.

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