Los Angeles Proposal Ideas – Kyle’s Napa Valley Proposal

Kyle knew that on his tenth anniversary with childhood sweetheart Jessica, he wanted to ask her embark on the next ten years together—as husband and wife.

A hopeless romantic, Kyle wanted their proposal to be a fairytale-perfect start to their happily ever after.  And no fairytale is complete without a castle!  So Kyle whisked Jessica away to Castello di Amorosa in Napa Valley for a stunning weekend vineyard getaway.

The happy couple first laid eyes on each other when they were 11 years old.  The pair had just started middle school.  Jessica loved Kyle’s goofy personality and sense of humor, and that he could make her laugh even at his most annoying times.  They became fast friends over the next three years, but parted ways to go to different high schools and lost touch.

Then, in their senior year of high school, Jessica was hanging out with her friends and decided to prank call Kyle.  She was surprised and impressed when he recognized her voice, calling her out on her prank.  From that day forward, the two began talking everyday and picked up their friendship right where they had left off.

Except this time, with an undeniable spark.  When they met up again, Kyle thought Jessica was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and after getting to know her more, he learned that she had a stunning personality to match.

When the time came to go to college, Kyle was set to go to New York, and Jessica was off to Colorado.  But they decided that this time, even thousands of miles wouldn’t get in the way.  Their relationship was further put to the test when Jessica studied abroad in Italy, but their deep, loving connection kept them strong through the distance.

Both Jessica and Kyle maintain that they knew from the time they started dating that they had found The One. He had what she was looking for in a husband, and his positive, carefree approach to life made her want to always be by his side.  Over the years, Kyle began to realize that he never wanted to be apart from Jessica because of how special she made him feel. And in more recent years, he has admired her strong relationship with her family and her emphasis on family values.

Kyle knows Jessica so well that he was able to provide her with an absolutely perfect proposal moment.  After sipping wine and roaming the Castle grounds, the two stepped onto the terrace, to share a bottle of wine and charcuterie and take in the views of the rambling vineyard.  Smiling and looking into Jessica’s eyes, Kyle knelt down and presented her with a shining engagement ring from Tacori’s Icing on the Ring collection.

As she recalled ten years of love and beautiful memories, Jessica eagerly said yes!

But that wasn’t the only surprise Kyle had in mind.  He had also invited both sides of the family to meet up with them afterwards for a weekend-long wine-tasting celebration, so that they could share their magical moment with the most important people in their lives, and begin the blending of two families.

The best part about their whole proposal?  Kyle reached out to Paparazzi Proposals, and one of our sneaky snappers captured the entire proposal, so that while the two of them shared their own private engagement moment, they can share it with the family through stunning surprise engagement photography!

See all of the photos from their stunning engagement, here.

Looking for more Los Angeles proposal ideas? Check out our full portfolio of L.A. proposals that we have captured with our paparazzi-style hidden engagement photography! And if you’re not in Los Angeles, it’s not a problem!  We offer surprise engagement photography just about everywhere in the U.S., including:

New York



Contact us to start brainstorming creative proposal ideas and romantic locations. We can’t wait to help you pull off your dream proposal!

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