The Most Fun and Romantic Locations to Get Engaged in New Orleans


According to CNN, New Orleans is one of America’s most romantic cities. That is not all. Thrillist has listed it as one of the country’s most beautiful cities too. The Huffington Post believes that there isn’t a better romantic city in the south of the country than New Orleans. Based on these, it’s only reasonable to choose many fun and romantic locations in New Orleans to get engaged. Therefore, you don’t have to fret and wonder where to go and tell your lover that you want the two of you to spend the rest of your lives together. Below is a list of some of the best places for popping the question to your lover. 

Audubon Park Fountain 

New Orleans’ Audubon Park has a stunning fountain known as The Gumbel Memorial Fountain. It has been in place since 1918. The fountain is one of New Orleans’ most beautiful and romantic locations. Without a doubt, it’s the best place to get engaged with your partner. More impressively, both you and your lover will enjoy a romantic moment together with smiles on your faces. The park is quite massive and provides you with several options. However, you will not find a more romantic place than the fountain with onlookers cheering you on! Make sure that your New Orleans surprise proposal photographer is around to capture this moment!

Jackson Square

 Jackson Square is an equally ideal place for getting engaged in New Orleans for various reasons. For starters, its lush green lawns already give it one of the most unique features in a romantic location. Secondly, its beauty is something you would expect out of the old world, which seems to be disappearing. The Square is a rarity in this part of the world. That is one of its best qualities, which make it special for popping the question to your lover. Furthermore, the two of you will love feeling the warmth of a good embrace and kiss while enjoying the stunning view that St. Louis Cathedral provides! 

Hotel Monteleone’s Rooftop 

Are you looking for a romantic getaway? Then you should choose one that prepares your lover for the proposal that you have planned. In this regard, you should stay at Hotel Monteleone. Here, you will not even have to leave to find the perfect romantic spot for proposing. You only have to make your way to the hotel’s rooftop. With its Spanish-style oasis, there is no doubt that the roof provides a beautiful and surprising location. After proposing and getting a resounding ‘yes,’ you can then find your way back to the hotel’s gorgeously intimate rooms. The chandeliers-filled lobby will only enhance the experience you share.

Woldenberg Park

Do you believe in proposing to your lover near one of the country’s best-known rivers? In that case, you will never go wrong with Woldenberg Park. The park overlooks the magnificent and majestic Mississippi River. It is full of many amazing views that will make your loved one feel special while listening to your proposal. Admission to the park is free. Therefore, you will not spend a dime proposing and getting engaged here. The moment will be made even more memorable as you watch countless ships floating on the river. Moreover, the location is replete with interesting scenic sculptures. After proposing, you can gaze at all the beauty around you!

City Park

New Orleans has a stunning City Park that ranks highly as one of its most romantic places. Upon reaching the park, the options available to you will shock and awe you! As you move around the park, you will be spoilt for choice. However, you and your partner can make the occasion even more special. To do this, you would have to go on a private gondola ride. City Park is full of authentic Venetian gondolas. Get there any time of the day to enjoy the stunning view that the park has to offer. For centuries, visitors and locals alike have preferred to tour the city while on carriages too. Enjoy this most romantic moment with your partner while getting engaged. 

Steamboat Natchez

Nothing screams romantic proposal better than being onboard the legendary Steamboat Natchez. The fact that the steamboat floats atop the Mississippi River only makes the moment even more special. More interestingly, you could start – or end – with a dinner on the steamboat. As you do all that, the Dukes of Dixieland will be churning out one jazz composition after the other, thus creating a unique atmosphere for popping the question. Once dinner is over, you could take time sampling the magical New Orleans skyline. As the boat passes through the riverbanks, your best choice would be to give in to the temptation of dancing in the moonlight. 


Do you have a proposal photographer New Orleans in mind? Keep the photographer updated with your choice of venue for getting engaged. Then leave everything in the hands of the photographer to capture the moment between two lovers who want to spend life together. As shown above, New Orleans is full of tons of romantic places to pop the question that’s bound to get your partner’s heart racing. Make this moment a special and memorable one. Allow your partner to remain standing to gaze at the beauty of the city as you go down on your knees to propose. The two of you are unlikely to ever forget this day with all its beautiful memories!

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