Photo Washington D.C. Proposal Under the Cherry Blossoms

Washington D.C. Proposal Under the Cherry Blossoms

“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live with out love.”

We talk to a lot of guys planning to propose, but Ryan really stood out as a guy who was clearly head over heels in love. To hear him speak of the first time he met Brittany and how he fell for her is truly heartwarming.

When talking of the first time he saw her while out at a local bar, you instantly get a sense of his love for her. The memory is still so vivid in his mind he even remembers the exact outfit she had on. “She was wearing a red blazer with white jeans. It was late August, she was tan, and I remember her big smile as she walked through the crowd.” He felt she was so beautiful she was definitely out of his league.

Unbeknownst to him,  she was equally impressed as they exchanged glances across the bar. “He was tall and had a commanding presence as he walked around.” She was even more smitten once she noticed his gorgeous blue eyes.

As the night progressed, he summoned up the courage to go and speak to her. As they began talking they quickly found they had a ton in common. The first of which was that it turned out they had attended a local basketball camp together as kids. It’s as if the universe knew these two had to meet! As they spoke, each secretly hoped the conversation would never end. The conversation may have ended that night, but their connection never has. As Ryan puts it, “I asked for her number, and the rest is history!”

Ryan wasn’t done impressing us. Beyond the words of adoration he used to describe Brittany, his proposal was even more thoughtful. He chose to propose under the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C. based on a conversation the two had over three years ago! He remembers her mentioning how she loved the beautiful cherry blossom trees she recently saw, going as far to mention that she would love to take engagement photos underneath them someday.

Having since relocated to Baltimore from their home state of New Jersey, where she first fell in love with those beautiful trees, Ryan began to plot out his perfect proposal. So he planned a trip to D.C. knowing the cherry blossom festival would provide the absolute perfect backdrop to his surprise marriage proposal. He didn’t stop there. Knowing he wanted memorialize this special moment forever, he had Paparazzi Proposals there to capture every second of his proposal with our one-of-a-kind proposal photography. With our paparazzi-style photographer discreetly positioned in the distance, we were able to give them genuine photographs of this special moment in their relationship to share with family and friends and cherish for a lifetime.

Under a canopy of these gorgeous trees, Ryan got down on a knee, pulled out a beautiful engagement ring and proposed! Click here to see the stunning photographs of their beautiful engagement moment! Congrats again to this amazing couple!

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