Photo Steven and Tonka New York Romantic Brooklyn Bridge Proposal

Steven and Tonka New York Romantic Brooklyn Bridge Proposal

Steven and Tonka flew in from Hong Kong for the weekend and wanted their whole trip captured with the engagement at the end.

By combining our Rent-A-Paparazzi and Paparazzi Proposals we captured their whole unforgettable romantic weekend in New York.

As America’s leading proposal photography company, we have planned and photographed hundreds of proposals across 26 major cities nationwide.   We specialize in taking the stress out of planning your marriage proposal, and capturing the moment you drop to one knee with the utmost discretion to keep it all a surprise.  Our proposal experts know all the best local places to propose and ways to propose and are ready to help you plan and capture the engagement of your dreams!  Contact us today if your interested in learning more about our services and packages.

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Steven opted for our Rent-a-Paparazzi package and added on a Papaprazzi Proposal Photography package to make sure no moment went uncaptured that weekend. With Tonka completely unaware we snapped photos of the happy couple as they strolled through Soho.  She browsed the storefront windows and the couple stopped for a coffee, all while our sneaky proposal paparazzi snapped away!  With our discreet style of photography, we were able to capture hundreds of candid moments documenting their weekend in the Big Apple.


And the next day, when the couple took a walk along Brooklyn Bridge, we were there to capture the moment for them!  At the picture perfect spot, Steven slowed to a stop and turned to Tonka with a smile.  With all of Manhattan in the background, he dropped to one knee and said, “Tonka, will you marry me?”  Our photographer captured the precise moment that she said, “YES!”

It was only after he placed the ring onto her finger that he finally revealed he had reached out to Paparazzi Proposals to ensure that their romantic weekend away was captured to remember forever.  Our photographer continued to snap away as the couple embarked on an engagement session!