San Francisco Marriage Proposal

David’s picturesque San Francisco marriage proposal at Crissy Field had all the makings of the perfect engagement.  But it actually wasn’t the first time he proposed to Sophie!

How They Met:

David asked Sophie to marry him the instant they met, three years ago at a San Francisco bar.

David booked the Picturesque Park Proposal package and added a musician to serenade them with their favorite song after he popped the question.

David was sitting and chatting with friends when he saw her approach out of the corner of his eye.  Their groups of friends were chatting.  He immediately thought she was the most beautiful person that he had ever seen, and was determined to start a conversation with her.

So he got creative.

“I decided to move from the standard pick up lines and exploit the fact that I was a foreigner, selling the idea by letting her know if she’d become Irish and I’d become American,” David explained.

She accepted, and they spent the rest of the night planning their fictional wedding, a telltale sign of events to come!

“It probably seemed super weird to everyone, but it’s a funny story now that we are wedding planning for real.”

She was immediately drawn to his height and his Irish accent.  He was attracted to her beauty and was charmed by the ease of their conversation.  Despite just meeting each other, there were no awkward silences or lulls when they spoke.

“It was like meeting an old friend after many years,” he revealed.

How They Knew:

For David, the connection was instant. 

He says he knew it the very night they met that they had a future together and was planning to ask her on a date, “After the appropriate amount of time (to appear like I was much cooler than I am),” he joked.

Sophie says there wasn’t a specific time that she knew she had found The One.  But the more time they spent together, the more it became apparent that they were meant to be.

“I can’t imagine what my life would be like without him,” she gushed.

The Marriage Proposal:

When David was ready to pop the question, he wanted everything to be perfect. 

He carefully selected the location based on Sophie’s love of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the good times they shared.

He chose Crissy Field as the location of his San Francisco marriage proposal because it was a place where the couple often went for strolls and caught up after a busy week.

“I knew that proposing here meant that when we go on our weekend walks, we can look over at the spot where it happened and remember the good memories created on that day,” he said.

He reached out to Paparazzi Proposals to make sure that a blanket, chilled champagne and a dozen roses were laid out at the picture perfect spot on the shore, with sweeping views of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.

David knew that Sophie loved her grandmother’s ring, and wanted to include it his proposal while still giving Sophie something that was all her own.  So he used the diamond from the ring in a new setting designed especially with Sophie in mind, from  Hollingsworth in Petaluma, California.

He made sure that all of their proposal day, from their stroll down the beach to the genuine look of happy surprise on Sophie’s face when he presented her with an engagement ring, was captured with surprise engagement photography!

View the couple’s full photo slideshow for more incredible photos of the big moment.

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