Photo New York City Proposal | Rahim and Ria’s Central Park Proposal!

New York City Proposal | Rahim and Ria’s Central Park Proposal!

Rahim and Ria’s engagement at the Bethesda Fountain was full of surprise!

This gorgeous couple went out for a fun Sunday and came back engaged!

The air during March has a different feel in New York City. People are slowly starting to come out of their cave and others begin to occupy the streets once again. With March practically flying by, Rahim made sure that March 2015 would be memorable. The weather was perfect for a nice stroll through the park. With strangers and their families secretly waiting for Rahim and Ria to seal the deal, you can tell that Rahim made sure that every detail was thought out. Rahim also came armed with Paparazzi Proposals and the amazing tunes by 45 Riots. Ria, this wasn’t just any ordinary day.

As our couple made their way towards the Bethesda Fountain, that’s when our snappers started going off and the musician began to get ready. What song did Rahim select? None other than For you by Kenny Lattimore. The mood began to settle in as the butterflies in Rahim’s stomach were more alive than ever. He was getting prepared to ask for Ria’s hand in marriage. You can tell that the element of laughter is so important in this couple’s life. They’re always smiling and that’s what we love to see from a proposal. Smiling couples make our day! They later made their way to the boat house where their loved ones were patiently waiting to congratulate their Rahim and Ria. This was a family affair! Kudos to you Rahim. Congratulations to Rahim and Ria!

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We know what you’re thinking: “I have to make my way down to Central Park.” That you do. Till then, enjoy some of our previous Central Park proposals.

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