Photo New York Engagement Photography: Alphie and Kate

New York Engagement Photography: Alphie and Kate

Sometimes, the location isn’t only about the view but the memories shared.

For Alphie and Kate, the seaport by Brooklyn Bridge in New York would not only be a place of memories, but the place they got engaged!

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“We first met in December ‘09 in Miami. I was visiting my best friend, Leah, in grad school, and he was one of her classmates who also lived on her floor. He had his lost luggage dropped off at Leah’s while he was in class. He soon came over and opened up the suitcase to discover that his grandma’s shrimp biryani had spoiled after sitting out in the Miami heat for 48 hours. Needless to say, it instantly stunk up the entire apartment! He then invited us to his apartment, and – not wanting to taint both apartments – promptly took off without the suitcase! I couldn’t really hold it against him, and we hung out over the next couple of days before we parted ways. We rekindled our chemistry when he moved to New York two years later, eventually started dating, and haven’t looked back since!”

Both Kate and Alphie were immediately drawn to each other’s smiles.

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“I can think of several moments in the first few months we were dating where he said and did amazingly thoughtful things, which made me realize that he was the one. Most of all, he always makes me laugh and writes the best cards/texts/emails ever! I have a large collection that just keeps growing!”

“The Seaport was the site of many memories of our time in NYC, dating back to the early years of our relationship. We first moved in together not far from there, and walked and biked by the water during all hours of the day, a few times a week. We also frequented the Seaport’s dog park with our two mutts and, it seemed like an obvious choice – especially given the stellar views of the BK Bridge, which is another memorable landmark for us.”

Alphie purchased the striking ring from Greenwich St. Jewelers in New York City.

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