Photo 5 Romantic Proposal Ideas New York City

5 Romantic Proposal Ideas New York City

After planning and capturing over a hundred New York proposals, we know a little something about romance in the big city.  

The nation’s leading proposal photography company is divulging the five most romantic proposal ideas for an NYC engagements guaranteed to sweep your partner off their feet! Read on for 5 NYC proposal ideas fit for any true romantic!

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1. Rose Petal Proposal

Make her feel like royalty by adding this thoughtful detail. Walk hand in hand through Central Park until you both notice a trail of rose petals leading to a quiet spot. Take a knee at the end of the path and ask her to be yours!

romantic proposal ideas new york city

Proposal Pro Tip: Watch out for wind!  If you think it may be a windy day, swap out the petals for a bouquet.

2. Romantic Candlelit Proposal

Light the way to the spot you plan to propose, whether it’s in your favorite park, or on a private rooftop overlooking Manhattan!  Illuminate your proposal message by writing it out with candles, or show how you feel by arranging them in a heart!

romantic proposal ideas new york city

Proposal Pro Tip: Candles heat things up, but you don’t want your proposal to be on fire. Go for flameless candles for a stress-free experience.

3. Horse and Carriage Proposal

Make your fairytale proposal a reality with a horse and carriage ride.  Have the buggy pick you up on the outskirts of Central Park.  Enjoy a leisurely ride to Bethesda Fountain, where you can exit to propose near the magical Bethesda Terrace for a memorable proposal moment.

romantic proposal ideas new york city

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Proposal Pro Tip:  Plan ahead.  Nothing is as unromantic as negotiating price with a carriage driver!

4. Sweet Serenade

Completely surprise your special someone when they start to hear ‘your’ song being played!  Up the surprise factor by having the musician pretend to be simply playing for change.  Invite your partner for a dance, and when the time is right, take a knee!

romantic proposal ideas new york city

Proposal Pro Tip:  Make sure they can hear the music!  Go for somewhere that’s not too crowded.

5. Love Statue Proposal

Actions may speak louder than words, but why settle for one when you can have both?  Spell out how you feel by proposing in front of the midtown Manhattan LOVE statue.  The striking red letters against the NYC skyline will look absolutely picturesque in proposal pictures!

romantic proposal ideas new york city

Proposal Pro Tip: Plan your proposal for a weekend morning to avoid the workweek rush.

If none of these proposal ideas tugged at your heartstrings, we’ve got a lot more inspiration in store!  Head to our New York proposal page to browse our easy-to-book proposal packages, view more NYC proposals, and get tips, tricks and advice on how to plan and photograph your perfect engagement.