Photo New York City Proposal Photography – Perfect Picnic

New York City Proposal Photography – Perfect Picnic

Now this is how you plan the perfect proposal!

Jose nailed it. He started by planning a trip to New York City for Betty’s Birthday. She had NO idea this was just one part of his secret plan!

Knowing she would be distracted by the excitement of the trip and upcoming birthday, he knew she would be blown away by what was to come next!

With the help of Perfect Picnic NYC, Jose arranged for a classic picnic to be waiting for them in Central Park. As they enjoyed the gorgeous afternoon by taking a romantic stroll through the park, they stumbled across the picnic blanket. Betty was pleasantly surprised he had gone through the trouble of setting up this charming picnic. As she turned to admire the view of the park and lake, Jose quickly dropped down to one knee and pulled out a beautiful engagement ring.

When she turned back around and realized what was happening, she could not contain her shock…and joy!

As she wiped tears from her eyes, she proudly declared “yes!” Click to see all of the pictures from this amazing afternoon. However, the surprises weren’t done yet. Jose had brought Paparazzi Proposals along for our one-of-a-kind surprise proposal photography! With one of our paparazzi-style photographers discreetly hidden nearby, we were able to photograph all of the moments before, during and after this magical moment. Your proposal can never be reenacted or recreated. Paparazzi Proposals’ proposal photography gives you genuine photographs of the actual moment you propose to share with you family and friends to cherish for a lifetime. Check out more of the perfect proposals we have helped plan and photograph. You can also contact us for a complimentary brainstorming session of creative ideas and romantic locations. Click here to find out how we make the magic happen. We can’t wait to help you plan and pull-off your dream proposal!