Photo Miami Engagement Ideas: Dragan’s Helicopter Proposal

Miami Engagement Ideas: Dragan’s Helicopter Proposal

One of our favorite Miami engagement ideas is an exciting helicopter ride.

Dragan surprised his girlfriend, Kate, with not only a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but with our photographer, who was posing to be working for the helicopter company. He was, in fact, waiting to capture Dragan’s proposal!

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“We originally met when she was working for an insurance agency and I was her client. After two years, she quit the job and disappeared for almost a year. One day, we ran into each other at a club and that’s when we started dating. My first initial attraction were her big eyes and smile. After we started dating, I realized that she is really cool, cute, pretty, open minded, mature, funny and I can just keep going on and on with so many words to describe her. After 4-5 months of dating, I knew that we were meant to be together. I thought proposing during a helicopter tour would be a great and unique way to propose, and it would be something to remember and to talk about for long time.”

Of course, after Dragan’s proposal, Kate said “YES!”

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