Picture-Perfect Miami Proposal Ideas

Perfect weather, pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife make Miami the ideal spot for a nearly tropical engagement, especially as a destination marriage proposal in the middle of a cold northern winter!

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Miami has something for everyone. Which Miami proposal idea suits your style?

The Miami Beach Marriage Proposal

For the low-key couple, with an outdoorsy side.

Miamai Engagement Photography Brian - 3

Brian reached out to us for help planning and photographing his dream engagement!  See more incredible photos in their full Miami Beach proposal slideshow.

It’s stunning, innately romantic, and makes for incredible surprise engagement photos.  Capture the essence of Miami by having the Atlantic ocean serve as the backdrop to your wedding proposal.  And, add to the romance by having a blanket laid out with roses or rose petals and a bottle of champagne to toast your engagement!

The Miami Botanical Garden Proposal:

For the couple who likes to stop and smell the roses

Transport your partner to another place and time with this romantic marriage proposal!  Go nearly Great Gatsby with an engagement at the Vizcaya Museum and Garden.  The historical landmark features a main house and meandering European style gardens, allowing you to wander to the perfect spot before you drop to one knee.  Afterwards, have an incredible couple’s shoot in front of the early 20th century mansion and in the surrounding grounds.

The Miami Sailboat Proposal:

For the slightly preppy couple, with a taste for luxury.

Elias’ sunset sail marriage proposal in Miami!  Elias opted for our popular Proposal Photography Package to help him capture the moment.

You can enjoy all the views of the beach and the skyline, without the crowds.  This marriage proposal is as private as it is classy and makes for incredible engagement photos.  Add to the luxurious experience by including a bottle of bubbly to share a toast after you pop the question!

The Miami Ocean Drive South Beach Proposal:

For the glamorous couple, with a quirky side.


This marriage proposal definitely makes a statement.  On one side, there’s South Beach and on the other, a retro strip of colorful buildings.  During the day, the palm trees and boutique hotels serve as the perfect backdrop for surprise proposal photography.  At night, pop the question backlit by multicolored neon lights for a fun, unique engagement shoot. Have friends and family join you afterwards at one of the nearby hotels, bars or restaurants for an impromptu engagement party! 

The Private Miami Rooftop Proposal:

For, well, the private couple

Renting out a private rooftop with great views is sure to sweep your partner off their feet.  This proposal is really all about the two of you.  Opt for a hotel or bar rooftop for a glamorous touch, and maybe even arrange for a private candlelit dinner to enjoy afterwards!

If none of these are quite your style, or if you already have the perfect marriage proposal plan in mind and just need some help sorting the details, we can help you out!  Contact us today to speak to one of our proposal experts.  We’re here to help you with everything from brainstorming to thorough logistics.  The best part?  We help you capture your partner’s reaction to your incredible marriage proposal with discreet, secret surprise proposal photography!