Phoenix Proposal Photography | Daniel and Ariana’s Engagement In Sanctuary Camelback Mountain!

Daniel and Ariana’s proposal in Phoenix was perfect.

Daniel wanted everything to be perfect for Ariana and that’s exactly what he accomplished.

Picture this. The mountains in the background and the mood is set right for your sweetheart and you. Throw in a little Paparazzi Proposals and you’ve got your perfect proposal. Daniel reached out to us and brought with him a bunch of ideas that we helped sort out. The result? His proposal took place at the majestic Sanctuary Camelback Mountain located in Phoenix, Arizona. Ariana, you are one lucky lady. Daniel thought of this moment for a while and to make it all a reality for Ariana is truly magical.

As the two lovebirds made their way, our snappers made to sure to not miss a second of this proposal. Even their pup was there witnessing this beautiful union. The weather, the setting, their love: everything was perfect. As his heart began racing, the moment of truth was getting closer and closer. Daniel came to a stop and gracefully went down on one knee. Congratulations to Daniel and Ariana on their engagement.

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