Photo Dallas Surprise Proposal Photography – Josh & Christina

Dallas Surprise Proposal Photography – Josh & Christina

Looks like someone rocked the boat…in the best way possible!

Now this is how you propose in Dallas! Josh contacted Paparazzi Proposals for our unique brand of surprise proposal photography. So we first set him up with our friends at Gondola Adventures to ensure he would have an amazing backdrop for these one-of-a-kind photographs.

There were even more surprises! As their gondolier gently guided them on a romantic ride along the canals of Las Calinas, Christina noticed a bottle floating in the water…

As she pulled the bottle from the canal and opened it, she was surprised to find a love letter. As her eyes slowly started to scan the note, Josh made his move. He got onto one knee, pulled out a gorgeous engagement ring from Fuller’s Jewelry and asked Christina to marry him. Spoiler alert…she said “YES!” Paparazzi Proposals’ surprise proposal photography captured it all! Check out the heartwarming photos here.

Even more heartwarming than the proposal? Their love story! Introduced by  mutual friends while attending the University of Texas at Arlington back in 2012, they first played it safe and met briefly for lunch a few times to get to know one another. From the moment they met Josh was taken aback by her stunning looks. More importantly to him, she was also kind and caring. Christina on the other hand, was immediately attracted to his values and honesty. They both enjoyed the afternoons they spent together so much, they felt ready for their first “official” date at the legendary State Fair of Texas. And so began this crazy dance we call love!

After dating for a while, they decided to buy a dog together. This brought out a tender and caring side Christina had not seen before. It melted her heart, and she realized he was the man for her. When asked the moment he knew she was “the one,” things happened a little quicker for Josh. While on that first date at the fair, he admitted to being instantly hooked by how much fun she was. After spending several hours with her on that day, he only wanted to spend even more, and knew this was the woman he wanted by his side for the rest of his life. Here’s to them living happily ever after!

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