Photo Dallas Proposal Photography – Gondola Proposal

Dallas Proposal Photography – Gondola Proposal

Sometimes the hardest moments are the ones in which you really learn how much someone loves you.

For Andrew, it was after his mom passed. Denikka was there for him every step of the way, comforting him and supporting him. For Denikka, it was when they first parted ways heading off to college. As her heart ached to be away from his side, she knew she had found “the one.”

Their love story was a classic one, having been high school sweethearts. Their personalities were a perfect match. Both very outgoing and outspoken, they just so happened to be voted “Mr. and Mrs. Witty” by their high school class. So years later, when Andrew began planning his proposal, he wanted to be sure it was as special as their relationship.

When poor weather caused his original plan of proposing on a helicopter ride to fall through, he quickly came up with another romantic proposal idea. So with the help of our friends at Gondola Adventures, he set up a relaxing private gondola ride. So as they calmly glided along the canal, Andrew reached in his pocket and pulled out an amazing ring from Zales, and asked Denikka if she would spend the rest of her life with him. Click here to see all of the photographs from this perfect proposal!

With our paparazzi-style photographer discreetly positioned nearby, we were able to catch every second of this magical moment. Paparazzi Proposals secretly photographs your proposal giving you pictures to share with family and friends and cherish for a lifetime. See more of the Dallas proposals we have helped plan and photograph here. Ready to propose? Contact us and let us help you plan and photograph your dream proposal!