Photo Chris & Kristi’s Pier 6 Helicopter Proposal NYC

Chris & Kristi’s Pier 6 Helicopter Proposal NYC

Kristi felt on top of the world…and it wasn’t from the helicopter ride!

They had been on a helicopter ride together once before, when they first started dating. So she thought nothing of it when Chris arranged yet another while visiting New York City. Little did she know this ride would be way more magical. As they soared above the skyline, Chris dipped into his pocket, pulled out a stunning engagement ring from Brilliant Earth and asked her to marry him…and Kristi declared, “yes!”

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Read on for the story behind this beautiful engagement!

Once they met, it didn’t take long for them to connect with one another. From their first date on, they were inseparable.  With a Masters Degree and impressive career already underway at just 23 years old, Chris was instantly impressed by Kristi’s drive and ambition. While Kristi was drawn to the care, effort and energy he put into taking the time to get to know her. Within just a few months of dating, they privately knew they each had found the person they wanted to spend the rest of their life with. While not a huge car racing fan, she still agreed to attend a race with him in Daytona. While watching the race, she was smitten with the passion and enthusiasm with which Chris explained every in and out of what was happening. She still didn’t like racing, but realized instead she was falling in love with him! Chris’ epiphany came while helping her train for a 5K swim. As she methodically made her way through the water during a 2 hour training session, Chris rode along side of her on a jet-ski as a look out and cheerleader. It was at the moment he realized he never wanted to leave her side. The rest as they say, is history!

Proposing to Kristi wasn’t the only smart thing Chris did. He also brought in Paparazzi Proposals to sneakily photograph every second of the moments leading up to, during and after his proposal. Posing as photographer working for the helicopter company, our snapper was able to memorialize every moment of this magical afternoon. The pure joy, excitement and raw emotion of your proposal can never be duplicated or recreated. Having Paparazzi Proposals photograph this beautiful event allows you to share it with family, friends…and someday even your children!

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