Photo Outdoor San Diego Marriage Proposal Ideas

Outdoor San Diego Marriage Proposal Ideas

Known for its beaches, parks, scenery and warm climate, San Diego is the ideal place to propose outdoors. 

Feel the cool breeze caressing your hair and the warmth of the sun kissing your skin? This is just another typical day in San Diego. One of the most popular cities to vacation in, San Diego has unlimited options to propose among the outdoors.   With the right backdrop and weather, it makes for a romantic proposal with excellent lighting and scenery for photography. As the nation’s leading surprise proposal photography company, we’re giving you a head start and narrowed it down to our five favorite locations in San Diego. No need to thank us- it’s what we do (love).

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Starting to feel the heat? Well, we’re just getting started.

1. Sunset Cliffs Proposal

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Sunset Cliffs is one of the great wonders in San Diego. Created as a place where “people can enjoy San Diego’s natural coastal environment as it once was, free from the effects of man and intended to inspire the user to reflect on the grandeur of the sea, and the beauty of the cliffs that was once Point Loma,” the scenery it has to offer is truly jaw-dropping. And we don’t just drop our jaw for nothing. This is the perfect movie-like setting for a romantic and intimate proposal and the photos our photographer captures will last forever.

San Diego Proposal Ideas: Sunset Cliffs

2. Orfila Vineyards and Winery

An ultra-premium boutique winery nestled in the picturesque San Pasqual Valley, Orfila Vineyards and Winery is great for lovers of nature and wine. The vinery has won multiple awards for its delicious wine and is a favorite among locals for romantic getaways from the city. Enjoy a glass of delicious wine (or four) and reminisce your best memories together, while overlooking the 70-acre estate greenery . Just when they suddenly can’t imagine living their life without you, drop to one knee and tell them that they don’t have to.

San Diego Proposal Idea: Orfile Vineyards and Winery

3. The Gondola Company

Known as San Diego’s passport to Italy,  The Gondola Company offers all the magic and tradition of Venice (without the jet lag). Cruise in a private gondola through the picture-perfect canals of the Coronado Cays and indulge in the romance, serenity of the water, and company of your partner. Take some champagne on board and toast to your future together, sealed with a diamond ring.

San Diego Proposal Ideas: The Gondola CompanySan Diego Proposal Ideas: The Gondola Company

4. Beach

With 70-miles of pristine coastline, there are countless of alluring beaches in San Diego. Plan it right and do it under a stunning sunset, as there are few things more romantic and beautifully simple than a sunset on the beach. Flare it up with a blanket set up with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, which we can prepare before your arrival. We’ll sprinkle it with rose petals and make sure to discreetly and candidly capture your moment and all the moments that follow.

San Diego Proposal Ideas: Beach Proposal

5. Emerald Hills Park

An intimate park by the water, Emerald Hills Park is another great outdoor hotspot for a surprise proposal. Covered in greenery, it’s also an ideal location for a romantic picnic and champagne, but without all of the sand. Bring out your inner romantic and have a love note waiting, detailing your unending passion and commitment to your partner.

San Diego Proposal Ideas: Emerald Hills Park

The list doesn’t just stop here. Feel free to browse throughout some of our past proposals to get more ideas. San Diego has so much to offer for an amazing surprise proposal. You just have to know where to look and luckily for you, we’ve done this before ( a couple thousand times).

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