Photo San Diego Proposal Ideas – Romantic Gondola Ride

San Diego Proposal Ideas – Romantic Gondola Ride

So you’re finally ready to propose!

You have it all planned out. A dozen red roses, a limo to chauffeur you to and from dinner, and a reservation at the priciest restaurant in all of San Diego. While at dinner, you step out from the table, and over and the clinking of silverware and the chatter of the other diners, you get down on a knee and propose. BORING!

You can do WAY better than that. This is the biggest moment in your relationship. Sure, your partner will remember it no matter what you do, but why not get a little more creative and shoot for an even more romantic and memorable way to pop the big question.

Picture this…you and your partner calmly floating along the canals of the Coronado Cays in a Venetian-style Gondola. As you relax, with your gondolier gently guiding you through the water, your minds are be swept away to the magical waterways of Venice, Italy. Now is your time, the perfect opportunity to profess your love, get down on a knee and propose! Why stop there? Make this proposal even more magical by having Paparazzi Proposals‘ unique brand of proposal photography capture every second of this amazing moment in your relationship!

Our paparazzi-style photographers, using a telephoto lens, are always perfectly positioned to secretly capture all of your romantic ride, and more importantly, the magic of the exact moment you propose! Once you are back on dry land, they’ll pop-out, providing yet another special surprise for your new fiancee! Now it’s time to take some beautiful portrait shots, perfect for your an engagement announcement or save the date!

Is a gondola ride not for you? No problem! Here are a few other creative San Diego proposals we have helped pull off and capture! Trust us, your fiancee will be thrilled you chose to memorialize the joy and excitement of this once-in-a-lifetime moment in your relationship with Paparazzi Proposals. Share these genuine photos of the very moment you officially got engaged with family, friends, and…maybe even someday your kids!

Contact us and let us help you plan and secretly photograph your perfect San Diego proposal today!