Photo Favorite Valentine’s Day Engagement Proposals

Favorite Valentine’s Day Engagement Proposals

February 14th is quickly approaching and, as the most romantic day of the year, we’re sharing some of our favorite Valentine’s Day engagement proposals.

What better way to prepare for your own proposal than to see what has already worked in the past!

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1. On the Way to a Night Out on the Town

Plan a perfect night out on the town with your partner, whether it be an intimate dinner or a celebration with friends and family. Regardless, choose somewhere picturesque to propose on your way. This is a great way to propose because not only can you ensure making sure they are dressed up for the pictures, but it gives you an amazing night planned afterwards to celebrate your engagement!

Matt Proposal-32

2. Somewhere Meaningful 

Choose to propose somewhere with meaning to your relationship, such as the place you met or where you went on your first day. This will even give more meaning to the location and ensure for it to be forever embedded in your relationship.

Albert - 14

3. Plan a Romantic Trip 

Add even more romance to your engagement by making an entire weekend getaway out of it. Whether keeping it local or going international, your partner is bound to be swept away by the spontaneity and even more thrilled to soon discover you down on one knee. If you do it early, you will also have an entire weekend to celebrate.
Abhijit - 18

4. Somewhere with a View 

Who can resist a stunning skyline view? One of the easiest ways to make a proposal extra romantic is by doing it somewhere with a striking view. It isn’t only great for romance, but will also ensure amazing pictures.

Mark - 10

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