Photo Top 5 Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas


We’ve put together our top five pros and cons for the best proposal ideas on Valentine’s Day.  Having shot and witnessed hundreds of proposals, we can guide you to the perfect Valentine’s Day proposal.  

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Here’s our top five, starting with the number one Valentine’s Day marriage proposal.

1. Central Park

Fill the day with romance by booking a horse and carriage ride through the park.  Snuggle up under a warm blanket until you reach Bethesda Fountain.  Once there, stroll over to Bow Bridge, one of the most romantic bridges in Central Park all while being captured by our photographer.  Afterwards, head to the Boathouse for a a celebratory hot toddy.

valentines day proposal ideas

We’ve got a perfect horse and carriage package.

We’ve made it simple for you.  Here are the pros and cons of a Central Park marriage proposal.


Fulfill every fairytale dream.


You may turn into icicles. It’s going to be freezing!

2.  Rooftop Proposal

Propose with the entire city in the background by renting out a rooftop.  Go big with a a proposal on the iconic Top of the Rock or Top of the Empire, or make it all about the two of you with a private rooftop proposal.  Bring a bottle of bubbly for a champagne toast afterwards to celebrate.


valentines day proposal ideas

Want to see the whole proposal unfold?  Watch Bill pop the question.


Amazing views.


Crowds might keep you from actually being able to admire them.


Coordinate with your proposal planner to find the right time to get engaged.  Or, book a private rooftop to avoid crowds altogether.

3.  Romantic Dinner

Fulfill every rom-com dream by booking a table for two for your engagement. You know, that end scene where the waiter brings your engagement ring sitting atop a fluffy dessert cake with sparklers and the big ask written in chocolate font.

valentines day proposal ideas


Get your Lady and the Tramp moment.


Good luck trying to get a reservation.

4. At Home Proposal

Propose from the comfort of your own home.  This one’s a no-brainer.  It’s innately romantic and easy to keep as a complete surprise.  Set up candles and a pathway of rose petals to where you’re waiting on bended knee. Have us come in and set up hidden cameras to capture the moment.

Michael - 10-XL


It’s super private.


It’ll take some extra creativity to make this proposal out of the ordinary.  Luckily, we can help you out with that.

5. Screw the Cold Weather.  Fly to Miami!

Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

Get out of town with a vacation and a marriage proposal all in one. Heat up the romance by flying south for the winter with a Miami marriage proposal.  Once you’ve had a chance to thaw out shoreside with mojitos in hand, head to a secluded spot on the beach to propose.


What’s not to love about a beach proposal when it’s minus 30 in Manhattan.


Spring break.

We hoped this helped out a bit! Still have questions?  Contact us to chat with one of our proposal experts.  If you’d like some more inspiration for your proposal, head to our New York proposal page to browse engagements and NYC proposal packages.