San Diego LGBTQ Engagement Proposals: Steven’s Japanese Gardens Proposal

One of our favorite San Diego LGBTQ engagement proposals was with Steven and his boyfriend at the Japanese Gardens!

Steven wanted to take advantage of all the scenery at the Japanese Gardens and use it as the backdrop to his big kneeling moment.

Our talented photographer was posing as a tourist neaby, waiting for Steven to pop out the engagement ring.

He personalized it in a Pokemon Ball, which had “I choose you,” inscribed in it, a reference very special to both of them.

His boyfriend chose Steven back and said “Yes!”

San Diego LGBTQ Engagement Proposals

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The fun did not stop with the proposal. After, our photographer revealed herself and took the soon-to-be-grooms around the gardens for a portrait session. They could not look more comfortable with each other.

San Diego LGBTQ Engagement Proposals San Diego LGBTQ Engagement Proposals San Diego LGBTQ Engagement ProposalsSan Diego LGBTQ Engagement ProposalsSan Diego LGBTQ Engagement Proposals

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