Jordan’s Romantic Brooklyn Botanical Garden Engagement Proposal

Jordan wanted to surprise his partner with the picture-perfect Brooklyn Botanical Garden engagement proposal.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is filled with amazing places to pop the question, but it can be a bit tricky to narrow down a location, especially if you are working with a photographer.

We coordinate a landmark easy to spot at the park with Jordan. Upon walking through the park with his partner, our photographer knew exactly where to be in position,

It was the beginning of spring, so the weather was perfect to spend the day at the gardens. Upon passing the bridge, Joey got down on one knee. Our photographer discreetly captured all the action.

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After all the excitement and she said “Yes!” our photographer revealed himself and captured an impromptu portrait session. He couldn’t help but also capture pictures of the stunning and creative ring. The blossoms and trees were a beautifully picturesque backdrop for the portrait session, which they can now share with all of their family and friends to announce their engagement!


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